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  1. Curse My Impatience...

  2. Magic the Gathering is a pretty fun card game :D I played with my friends for a few hours the other day <333

    1. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      ............tried duel masters? :<

    2. panda456
  3. I just love watching Kim Possible :D Especially episode 13 <333 I love MOnkey Fist

  4. Not the Chocolate Cake!!! D: lol

  5. I love your profile picture :D

  6. I just got a PS3, so if anybody wants to add me I'm AngryOyster

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    2. tengaku squared

      tengaku squared

      That was a long time ago...

    3. panda456


      I have Assassins Creed 3 at the moment but I hope to get more games soon.

    4. panda456


      @Diamond It's a long story lol XD

  7. The Hobbit was such a great movie :D I loved just like I love Lord of the Rings :D

  8. Yay!!! Done with my first semester of college!!! :D

    1. happy kid

      happy kid

      yay!! congratulation!! :))

  9. I love you DCW please don't do that again D: It makes me sad :(

  10. So what does eveyone think about the idea of a new Detective Conan movie?

  11. This is hilarious I love how they replaced the helicopter with an Orca Whale lol
  12. Wreck-It Ralph was such an amazing movie <333333333

  13. "Your One Dynamite Gal."

  14. Ano Hara is a good anime...Watch It <3333

    1. Emerald


      what's it about?

    2. panda456


      a dead girl who comes back as a ghost to fulfill her last wish, but she doesn't remember what it is so her old friends have to come back together and get over their differences, sounds dumb at first but it was really good.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving Everyboday, Hope You Have A Great Time!!! Eat Lots Of Food <333333

    1. Sakila


      Pan-chaaaaaaan!!!!! <333333 Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    2. panda456


      Thankssss <3333333

    3. tengaku squared
  16. My cat finally had her kittens :DDDD

    1. Diamond


      Yay~ I love kittens, although I don't like mine, she goes after my toes, she is a predator!! And she's called Smudge xD

    2. panda456


      lol XD Cute name

  17. Making tons of friends in college :D Didn't think I could do it but I did :3 Yay!!!

  18. Thank You Hurricane Sandy For Canceling My Economics Class :D Yay!!!

  19. Movie 16 was actually pretty good, a lot better than what people told me.

  20. :D I feel great today, But I'm bored lol
  21. Alright I'm in serious need of a second opinion. My friend was always hanging out in the dorms and blowing off me and my other friend but when she got banned from the dorms she suddenly wanted to hang out with us and told us she was hurt when we didn't hang out with her. Does this make sense? Who's in the wrong? Please help D:

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    2. panda456


      In a way I would love to remain friends with her, but honestly I know she'll do the same thing because of the way she is. Next semester she's allowed back in the dorm and she's already made plans to go back and hang out there. Even if I do tell her what's up she turn it around to make herself the victim...Just how she is.

    3. IdentityUnknown


      Then break it off with her. Tell her that she treated you the same and you can't trust her not to do it again.

    4. Diamond


      The one who's in the wrong is not you and your friend, it's her wrong, even though she's your friend, sometime friends have to leave other friends. Part of life.

  22. I painted a Panda on my pumpkin :3 I love pandas <33333 if you couldn't tell from my username lol

    1. Diamond


      Oh my skitty! I love pandas!!

      (owo)/(o-o) *Pats head*.

    2. Diamond


      Oh my skitty! I love pandas!!

      (owo)/(o-o) *Pats head*.

    3. panda456


      Pandas are sooo cute <333333

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