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    World of Naruto

    Hey Naruto fans, what do you think of the new chapter that came out? In my opinion, Naruto chapter 578 was an interesting chapter. But like always, Naruto chapters are short, so it’s hard to comment on them. But I’m glad Sasuke and Itachi getting along and are going to fight Kabuto. I can’t wait to see what happens to them in the end . I will give this chapter 5/10. By the way, I liked the opening at page 1.
  2. And if it's going to keep you in front of a screen all day.

  3. There is a shop next to my hose that I go to; I sow them twice selling drugs to a customer, and I hared them once talking about weed. The thing is, the owner is always nice to me, but it’s starting to bother me.

    1. Inspector Gin

      Inspector Gin

      It want really matter, because I will be leaving the country soon.

    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      kill him

      then hide the body

    3. Inspector Gin

      Inspector Gin

      That's going to far :D. And I'm not that good at killing :P.

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  4. I guess you have a point. We can't watch Anime all are life, we all have to stop one day. I, my self I'm trying to stop watching them, and do other things with my free time. But I have more then you to finish watching; I got Naruto, Bleach, Detective Conan and Brave 10 left, before I quit.

  5. Inspector Gin

    Cooking Club

    I wonder how that’s going to turn out :grin: .
  6. Inspector Gin

    Ginseg's Poll of the Month (1)

    In my opinon The beset Detectives after Conan and Heiji are: Miwako Sato, Ninzaburo Shiratori and Kansuke Yamato . The strongest ones are: Ran Mouri, Makoto Kyogoku and Masumi Sera 8-) . The funniest DC characters are: Kogoro Mouri and Sonoko Suzuki .
  7. Inspector Gin

    Ginseg's Poll of the Month (1)

    Why not ? I didn't add him, because he is no originally a detective. But I guess there is no harm .
  8. Give it a try. Watch the first three episodes, if you like them, then enjoy :D.

  9. Inspector Gin

    Cooking Club

    Okay, I am glad you enjoyed it .
  10. Inspector Gin

    What's on Your Mind?

    I can't stand 4 members in this website. One joined before me, the other after me. They are too cocky. They love looking down on people.
  11. Inspector Gin

    Cooking Club

    Sure, you can join . Welcome to the club , I hope you enjoy it here . Was it nice ?
  12. "You don't know what you're missing" as my father would say if I don't like something that everyone else likes!

  13. I am think you said something about it in one of your status. But I don't remember now. I loked at your old ones, but it's not there.

  14. Lol. Why don't you just delete it then?

  15. For god sake, this french keyboard is so hard to use!!

    1. Inspector Gin

      Inspector Gin

      Believe me, there's a big difference.

    2. Stopwatch


      I just remember getting the Q and A mixed up all the time, but you can sort of get used to it :/

    3. The Banana Paladin
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  16. I will say my side of the world has it's bad moments sometimes ^^.

  17. What??!! You don't like Naruto? OMG :o.

  18. Inspector Gin

    Hello!!! ^,^ I'm just a little bit new here.. ^,^

    Hello and welcome to DCW . I hope you have fun here. And I wouldn't know if I like you until I get to know you :smile:.