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  1. Without doubt it is the secret of high sales what do you think
  2. Every one can say which anime episodes made him or her cry For me I watched till the end of season 9: The episodes that made me cry are: episode 26 from season 1 Pet John murder case episode 37 from season 2 Cactus flower murder Case mostly when Noriko Okaya remebers her memories with Tatsou Yamaguchi (This is the most episode I cried in) episode 42 from season 2 Karoke box murder case (When the culprit cried for killing her love because she didn't undersatand that he loved her but with no plastic surgeries) episode 75 from season 3 Loan company president murder case (When the culprit confessed she took revenge for her boyfriend who borrowed money for her operation and committed suicide because he couldn't repay it) episode 78 from season 3 Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case 2 (When Conan didn't allow the culprit to commit suicide because of remembering what happened during the Moonlight Sonata Murder Case.) episode 89 from season 4 Dracula's villa murder case 2 (When the culprit confess that he killed the victim as he bribed the doctor for lying to him that his sister is still living whilst she is dead so that the culprit would keep working for the victim) episode 108 from season 5 The mysterious mole alien case (When Masao Coda is remebering his siter and her flowers and when he desperately looks for the corpse of his sister in the garden of the victim after the police have found the jewels with no corpse) episode 115 from season 5 Scuba diving murder case 2 (When Kiwako Toda forgave Haromi Matsuzaki although she tried to kill her by the snake) episode 122 from season 5 The locked bathroom murder case 2 (When the culprit is crying her sister at the end) episode 129 from season 5 The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case (When Ai cried her sister and that she blamed Conan for not saving her) episode 137 from season 6 The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case 2 (When The culprit breaks down realizing that he wasted 10 years and killed a huge number of people just for a beautiful scene which he though was a treasure) episode 168 from season 7 Tottori Spider Mansion Demon 3 (When Hegi grabbed Robert from his shirt and shouted at him and told him that truth never dies and gave Shinchi as an example and when he eventually realised that his leaving message was what triggered his beloved's death) episode 196 from season 8 The Invisible Weapon, Ran's First Investigation (When Ran told the man who tried to kill his wife that money and everything else worth nothing in comparison to a person who loves you) episode 202 from season 8 The 10th passenger 2 (When the passengers and the daughter of Kouhei Moritsugu and Conan remebered the incident from 7 years ago in the same bus) This is the 2nd most episode that made me cry episode 239 from season 9 The 3 "K"s of Osaka Case 2 (As Conan is so dissapointed due to his favorite idol and couldn't believe at the beginning) episode 247 from season 9 The mystery in the net 2 (When the culprit says that he has the right to kill the victim and that he is brave to revenge then ran interrupted him and told him the real meaning of bravery) episode 249 from season 9 The Celebrities' Secret 1 (When the man wrote a congratulation message for Yoko Okino's freind who is marrying whilst crying beacause he love her)
  3. We have 4 main youth couples 1. Ran - Shinichi 2. Kazuha - Heji 3. Sonoko - Makato 4. Aoko - Kaito for coupling no 2 and 4 I think they are perfect as both couples are a bit childish and fit each other but for coupling 1 i think whilst Ran is a polite and shy girl Shinichi is a pervert ( shown in epi 1 and the Mountain Villa bandaged murder case when they were a sleep and Shinichi (Conan) though of her sexually I think Sonoko fits more for Shinichi as she is not shy and ongoing and not shy of stating that she wants a boyfriend Whilst Ran fits Makato more as both are Karate Champions and have a near more conservative character
  4. Arabic: My native language English: Second language ( I attended English schools from when I was 4 years old) French - Spanish: Studied them extensively when I was in school along with English German: Studied it in the German University of Cairo Italian: In March 2004 I first watched the God Father it was a great movie and i had a passion for Italy and Sicily especially and so started to learn Italian in every break from school or college and went Italy a couple of times. Also I support the Italian National football team and adore watching the Italian Serie A Want to learn Portugese, Dutch (Holland) and Japanese in the future
  5. انا في حلقة جريمة الدوري ( Double mystery of Osaka) حلقات كونان الجزء السادس الجديدة بتتذاع حاليا كل احد الساعة 6 مساءا على سبيس باور

    و متأسف يا يمنى اني مردتش عليكي قبل كدة لأني كنت في ايطاليا و معرفتش ادخل عالنت

  6. Sorry I was in Italy last few days and just returned a few days ago thanks for asking

  7. Hi Rose What is ur real name ( If this is possible to announce) انا اسمي براهيم بس الكل صحابي و أهلي بياندوني شادي كل سنة و انت طيبة على عيد ميلادك ال16 بس ربنل يعينك عالثانوية سواء كانت عامة أو اميريكان دبلوما أو أي شهادة تانية انا عندي 21 في خامسة صيدلة و أيوة 21 و لسه بتفرج على كونان
  8. The problem is that we only have up to epi 259 till today here in the middle east and no manga series are published in my country Also vermouth can disguise as Araide in one episode and as another character like Jodie in another isn't this possible?
  9. My name is Shady I'm from Egypt in the middle-east I'm a detective conan fan from the year2000 when they started posting conan episodes 1 in arabic (The characters speak arabic) The problem is in 10 years they only made 259 episodes in arabic and the progress is slow
  10. Im only up to epi 259 (the man from chicago) is the secret of the high sales because of that dump simple theif who is scared of children and beacuse also Mitsuhiko my favorite character is the one to solve the case. Really funny case.
  11. When I thought again I think that u r right for these reasons A) Tom Airade (Vermouth) protected Conan from the hijakers to repay him back after Shicnchi saved her in Newyork (But what is the evidence that she is disguised as Dr Airade) I think that Akai is an FBI agent but planted inside the BO so she sensed him C) U mean the Dr Agasa is one of the BO and as he forgot his deodrant Ai smelled their disinctive smell from Dr Agasa ( I'm 1 of the supportors of the theory that Dr. Agasa is the boss of the BO)
  12. A) Ok that what i feel but if u have any evidence that Vermouth was Dr. Araide not Jodie And what is the problem with Akai he is and FBI not BO agent C) And what does this mean
  13. Mitsuhiko - Takagi - Shuuich Akai fan

  14. Was Jodie Starling in this episode really Jodie or was Vermouth disguised as her (A secret makes a woman a woman is not a clear cut evidence that Vermouth is disguised as they have encounterd each other b4 and Jodie knows this quote of vermouth)? And if she was the real Jodie why did Ai sense that there were bo members in the bus was vermouth disguised as other member like Tom Aradie for example or was another person present in the bus from the bo that we don't recognize or was this hallucinations from Ai. Really a confusing situation
  15. Ok for the 1st part but the 2nd part i think it was her house coz she was watching T.V in the beginning of the episode
  16. And how did he enter to Sato's house? A very mysterious guy my best character in the series after Mitsuhiko and Takagi is Akai
  17. I think the Bo boss is Dr Agasa because in episode 2 Conan asked him to produce an antidote for the poison he said that he must know the chemical basis of the drug which he could have known by blood samples which he didn't want to do
  18. What was Shuichi Akai doing in Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 4 (Episodes 253-254)
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