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About me

Let's see, about me... ok i guess we can start with:

I'm born and raised in America (i want no misunderstandings) and my main language IS english. If you see me not talking fluent english, that's because i'm too lazy to do everything correctly and i feel like shortening it... also i love typing '...' i don't know why, i just do.


Also, I think people have mistaken my gender and I'm not entirely sure why. I'm FEMALE. As in, a girl. Just so you guys know.

Now, about my hobbies and such....

Welllll, i love to read, write, draw, watch TV, watch movies, play in snow... anything indoors or that has to do with the cold/snow! i hate the summer... and i'm quite inactive -hehe, i just can't stand heat- now, i'm also a computer/video game fanatic. it is quite often that i will be playing some sort of game online, or possible play CoD (Mw3) on the PS3! of course, my username (if you want to add me) is tactical_wolves, DevilSlayer666, or Kiel95 (Currently I don't have the PS3 with me at college so the only vid games I play are Sims 3 and Puzzle Pirates)

Ok let's see... what else is there to say >.< ...

Oh yes, i want to major in English with a concentration in writing - I plan to be a writer, but i figure that it isn't exactly a well paying profession so if anything that's just going to be a side job. i will probably do something else until i'm a best selling author (i know, hard goal... but that's just part of the fun <3)
Erm... well, if there's anything else you need to know just ask! i'm happy to answer

deviantART:http://kiel95.deviantart.com/ (I am attempting to use it again - we shall see how this goes)

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Kiel95

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