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    Hello everyone, As you have noticed, the forum was down for some time in order to solve a major spam-flooding issue. The spammers would be able to register (probably manually - i.e. through human intervention) and then flood the boards really fast. I've had no choice but to rollback the forum to a decent enough date (without a huge mass of spammy content), which is the 1st of February. We apologize for this urgent undertaking. Fortunately, because of the spam, people weren't creating that many legitimate content and therefore not that much was lost normally. I also took this opportunity to upgrade the forum software. Here's what I implemented to control such issues in the future: The registration form was modified a bit more to further prevent automated/bot registration. When a member registers now, they will be in the Members group which now has the following restrictions: There is a flooding control time of 5 minutes (they have to wait 5 minutes after posting something to post something else). They can also only post 3 times per day and the first few posts need to be approved before going up. They won't be able to upload profile photos/covers. There'll be a limit on number of private messages and reactions they can do per day. Besides posting, there will be some more restrictions (such as the inability to upload attachments). Once a member from the "Members" group reaches 10 posts and their account is older than 30 days, they will be moved to the "Advanced" group. The Advanced group will reduce the flooding control time to 3 minutes. They won't have that many restrictions and will be just like normal members (i.e. just the way the Members group was before). After they reach 50 posts and their account is older than 30 days, they will be moved to the "Renowned" group. "Renowned" members will have the flooding control time reduced to only 30 seconds. I know that it can be a bit tedious for new members and I sincerely apologize for that but there just aren't any realistic way to completely eradicate spamming once a site with community/interactive features reaches a certain amount of traffic: it'll always be subjected to more and more innovative spam attacks (or worse). New members, I really hope you'll be willing to show a little bit of patience with this process. Fortunately, once you get to the "Advanced" group, it'll be so much better in general! I really hope we can count of your understanding. Thank you, Maurice
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    Aoyama Gosho sick (Get well soon!)
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    https://media.giphy.com/media/iitUEuqhbAT4Y/giphy.gif Especially given these circumstances.
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    OMG YAS! I always thought that Rei would be with Haibara is Conan is with Ran! If coai isnt possible (highly likey) than I hope its rei and haibara.
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    You're very welcome, You're a great artist Wow, awesome Darkest nightmare art, looks very official , though Conan-kun's face must be more wide, not long, to be exactly like official art
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    The wait's over, everyone! Here are the 1,007 text spoilers—brought to you by blogger Bomber D Rufi: https://wsstalkback.blogspot.com/ Break next week—we can expect spoilers for 1,008 on December 8th. EDIT: Here are some 1,007 spoiler pics: https://imgur.com/a/wLjPl/
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    Here's a general guide. Movie 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 all have an "OVA" labeled as "Magic Files" to go before or after each movie. After Magic File 6, Episode 694, 735, and 774 were aired as preludes to the movies that year. They aren't really overly connected, but usually just had a bit of dialogue for the movie at the end of each episode. If the pattern follows, we should see the episode for M20 on April 16th.You could watch almost all the movies regardless of where they "fit in", but if you wanted to watch the movies in relation to their air-dates... You could follow the list below. After Episode 54 - Movie 1 After Episode 97 - Movie 2 After Episode 140 - Movie 3 After Episode 186 - Movie 4 After Episode 231 - Movie 5 After Episode 275 - Movie 6 After Episode 315 - Movie 7 After Episode 356 - Movie 8 After Episode 393 - Movie 9 After Episode 434 - Movie 10 After Episode 470 - Movie 11 After Episode 504 - Movie 12 (Watch Magic File 2 before this movie) After Episode 535 - Movie 13 (Watch Magic File 3 before this movie) After Episode 570 - Movie 14 (Watch Magic File 4 after this movie) After Episode 613 - Movie 15 (Watch Magic File 5 after this movie) After Episode 655 - Movie 16 (Watch Magic File 6 before this movie) After Episode 694 - Movie 17 After Episode 735 - Movie 18 After Episode 774 - Movie 19
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    In this topic, just like everybody else, I'll be posting my drawings! http://meitanteixx.deviantart.com/
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    Recently it seems that there have been no mods operating on the Wiki side of things. Do we know where they have gone? I have noticed a revert war between someone who want Gosho's statement from an interview (Singapore 2016) about Akai and Akemi being cousins to be fact, and another user who is trying to claim that the statement never happened (Example edit history page : http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/index.php?title=Shukichi_Haneda&action=history ) Aug 3 - added Sept 7 - removed Sept 16 - readded Sept 24 - removed Is there a way to lock the pages effected by this from being edited by Anonymous users to try and prevent this? It effects all of the Akai family member pages and all of the Miyano family member pages.
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    There are a lot of hot characters in detective conan. So who's your crush? Mine would be Tooru Amuro/Rei Furaya/Bourbon. He is so handsome and smart. If I were a boy, than it will be Haibara Ai/Shiho Miyano, because she's cool, pretty, and smart.
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    I was bored so I traced a part from The Eleventh Striker
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    Here is the interview Gosho did in SS 3-4, regarding File 1,008's big reveal, translated by Spimer from DCTP (again, big spoilers, so proceed at your own risk):
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    Hello, I'm born Genius I like soccer & solving mysteries using my splendid reasoning skills just like Shin'ichi
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    I would say haibara, especially in terms of solving cases. In many instances, she was the one who gave Conan an approach, or clue to a case (even though it might have been an accident and she didn't even know how she helped out) which helped Conan deduce who the culprit was. Moreover, Conan could actually discuss the case to her and he'd end up solving the case. For ran, he'd probably just waste all of his time explaining his theory and getting her to understand it instead of concluding the case. I'm not saying ran isn't smart, she is a pretty smart lady, but compared to haibara, I think she's pretty far off. Of course, I must admit that Ran's bad ass karate skills are on point, and could be much help when fighting against criminals. But there aren't a lot of times when the criminal is so aggressive and plus ran gets scared easily so... Haibara may lack in physical strength (except for knowing how to use a gun) but she can win in a battle of wits. Shinichi isn't a bad fighter so she could be the one who distracts the criminal while Shinichi goes from behind and take him down or sth like that. Another thing is that haibara knows how to 'ground' Conan, by poking holes in his huge ego and making him learn to accept that other peoples opinion may be different to his. Whilst ran just keeps on making Shinichis heart race and face blush, which isn't much help for him to become a grounded detective. The detective boys treat Conan and Ai like their little parents. Conan can rely on haibara to take care of them when he needs to solve cases in private, which suggests that Conan trusts Haibara and that she isn't just some sort of useless girl who depends on others. Of course, if ran was in haibaras position, she would do a good job in caring for the detective boys so I'm not dissing ran in this argument. I understand why some people would choose ran for this, and I'm not saying that haibara is the 'right' respond to this question, I'm just putting my own opinion out there.
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    Given that the last 3 MK cases have come out like this... Phantom Lady: 2011 Midnight Crow: 2014 Sun Halo: 2017 ...I would agree with that time-interval.
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    Been a while since I logged in here.
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    Iori Muga (his left eye is...)
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    If only I ever get an opportunity to write an ending twist of the series, I'd want Ran to be somehow connected to the Black Organisation. Maybe she could be Vermouth's sister, or anything like that. However , things will get resolved in the end , and she'll end of with Shinichi, but this should not be easy. Maybe it will be revealed that Ai Haibara is non another than Vermouth ( LOL) and she has been disguised to take care of her sister ( Ran) and take revenge from Kudo. Maybe Vermouth has some issues with Kudo and she wants him dead, but realizes that Ran truly loves Kudo, so she decides to forgive him ( after a lot of drama, of course) Maybe Kaito Kid seems to care about Ran because of her resemblance with his girlfriend , who is later revealed to be Vermouth. Maybe Kaito finds out that Vermouth and Ran are sisters and decides to unite them. Maybe Kaito always steals jewels because the only thing that could lead him to his girlfriend Vermouth ( now disguised as Ai Haibara ) is a ring that she owned. Maybe he sees a same type of ring in Ran's finger and this make him realize that Ran and Vermouth are sisters. I guess I have already written so much, that is never going to happen though. I wish..!
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    "The terrorists thought they would change my aims and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage were born." — Malala Yousafzai
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    The Darkest Nightmare http://meitanteixx.deviantart.com/art/DC-Movie-20-Pitch-Black-Nightmare-Cover-576080460
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    the first episode of the desperate revival arc-188
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    Hi! I am back with my lastest drawing of Ai Haibara-san. (I've been using too much upload space so from now on I'll use links- hopefully they work).>>> Please comment!