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  1. He does have flaws; He's physically weak, arrogant/ego, can't sing despite having perfect pitch, insensitive, and relies too much on himself. The thing is like all good heroes the things he is good at compensate for his weaknesses.
  2. I played the DW games too and that got me into Gundam. So the problem for me is that as each game progress I watched more Gundam, as I watched more Gundam the Japanese actors got better more rapidly than the English actors and had a more diverse cast. Eventually with the last DW game I was hearing the some English actors playing 3+ roles but the Japanese cast had less character/actor overlap and still had improved their performances over time.
  3. The voice of Minerva is a bilingual actress that was raised in California. Why she sucks might be just because you don't like the how she did the character. Apollo Glass is not voiced by a bilingual speaker but keeping in mind he was in Japan long enough to learn Japanese well, given his age it would be likely his Japanese would be better than his English. It is still better than most characters on the show who are Japanese and just know English as a second language. Juno, the mother, is voice by クリリテルチアリ(Christelle Ciari). Speaking English is not a problem but the amount of English spoken and the slow down for the Japanese audience probably is what is bothering you about the performance.
  4. I am amazed how picky some can be. DC put forth some of the best effort found in a TV series to have real English(the language)speakers play parts in this arc in order to pull off the whole Japanese tourist in England vibe. One a slightly diff note. I am sure Ran and Conan's English is supposed to have the Japanese accent. Ran in particular is not even fluent in English so her sounding bad or simple while speaking it makes more sense than if she were to sound like a native English speaker just to sound "good".
  5. It is my typo. Those contractions used in succession don't make grammatical sense and that is the biggest problem, leads to a snowball effect.
  6. My reply was to a poster who was making this poll seem like a contest and not an opinionated poll. Also that is not a double negative, the two don't cancel each other, it is a typo from editing. One of those contractions should not be there.
  7. Since you are not talking about the changes between the manga and anime. You do know it was the English that was changed and not the Japanese, right? It really does not matter what you see first the reality is that the Japanese anime was made long before Funi did a messed up dub.
  8. If you think the dub is better then join Funimation's forum to praise them for only being able to put out 120 episodes. Coming to a wiki that is titled Detective Conan and has more information on the original version just looks like you are trolling to be offensive. Besides you already admitted you aren't watching the anime for quality, story, or acting and that any dub anywhere equals "better" for you. Whatever helps you sleep at night. I will continue to look at the real history of problems the dubbed version had that negatively effected it's sales, ratings, and licensing. There clearly wasn't enough supporters of the low quality dub to keep it alive. Maybe you and your friends should have bought more. EDIT: On a side note. I was checking the settings on this forum and found the ignore function and report features just now...they might come in handy.
  9. This is not a vote or a contest. If you like it more you like it more. You shouldn't don't need your gaggle of friends to support your opinion. Your gaggle of friends don't make you any more right than me. Keeping your reasons for liking the dub to your own opinion and inadequacies works better than ranting that anyone who speaks english is somehow mandated to watching a dub. Speaking of inadequacies, goodluck with the whole not being able to tell japanese voices apart thing. Maybe one day doctors will come up with a device to cure that problem between your ears. Enjoy the dub that you admit has stupid changes, while I enjoy the version with less stupid changes. Win win.
  10. Really youtube comments are no kind of evidence on anything, ever. Wiki listing the Conan as Case Closed does not prove popularity. That was an argument they had a year ago on naming conventions and they made a new rule. So now any show that gets its name or characters changed in English will have the English ones listed first, that is true for all foreign media now. That is why show specific wikis like this is better than wikipedia. People that don't know or care about voices, acting, or performance don't matter in the slightest in conversations about voices fitting roles or sounding better. Always picking a dub regardless of quality means you have no way of saying which is better. Not liking subs does not make a dub the better way to enjoy anime, it just makes it the only way some feeble minded people watch anime. There is too many bad accents and generic voices in this dub for me to enjoy it over the sub. I don't know how long you have been holding on to that link but it is dead. If it is any opening of the original OP then the song pretty much tells you exactly what the show is about and is more fitting than the 4kids rap. The words to the song talk about gather friends, that is what Luffy is doing, and chasing each others dreams...again that is what the crew does. I don't like the first couple of seasons opening but the newer seasons have a better rhythm.
  11. 1. Either way the pause feature is there and not pausing this anime means you miss stuff. So that is a stupid excuse even people watching Live sports hit pause on DVRs now. 2.You seeing nothing wrong means you don't pay attention to begin with. http://pasta67.webs.com/ is a website made by a guy that mods on Funi.com. It lists all the writing mistakes, bad jokes, inconsistencies, and other kind of errors present in the dub and Conan in general. Despite your ignorance there are problems with the dub. Yeah you keep dreaming that the dumpy fat guy voice and the fake german accent is perfectly fine acting. 3.The names don't flow or feel natural in the context of the show and animation. All the japanese writing, eating octopus, sake, green tea, kneeling, bowing, kendo, and look who it is Harly Hartwell! The names stick out like sore thumbs. 4. The retarded thing is you having to cussing just while trying to make a point. An opinion is not a command like:"IF YOU SPEAK ENGLISH YOU SHOULD WATCH IT IN FREAKING ENGLISH." Wow you have a flock of illiterate friends that agree with you, big deal. The dub of Case Closed flopped because Funi failed in producing a good product. The Funi dub of OP is only better than 4kids. and that is not much of a complement. The dub still sucked and got kicked off Cartoon Network for being bad. You can say Funi rescued OP but Funi killed Case Closed. Every long running anime that has 20 or more regular characters and a large quest cast makes the limitations of Funimation very clear, small resources. Case Closed and One Piece are dubbing nightmares for Funimation and fans that with working ears. What really shows how dumb your conversation is that you use a screenshot from a sub-release of Gin and put a subtitle on it to convey you message. You can't even put up a picture from the Funi version, pathetic.
  12. 1. The pause feature works wonders. If you are talking about this anime then walking away and just listening to the audio does mean you will miss out on information like hints and clues. 2. So? Watch it in English but don't go all ignorant and state that being in English makes the dub better. Actors have to act well and writers have to write well too, it is a damn shame Funi didn't do either of those for Conan. 3. Is Case Closed the only anime you watch? Cause I can imagine you getting mentally stressed trying to watch the 99% of anime that do not change names. 4. Don't you for one minute tell me what I should listen to just because I speak a language. Reading captions or subtitles is freaking easy and people with more than half a brain are able to read the screen and see what is taking place in the anime. When there a lot of dialogue going on the only thing taking place on screen anyway is a picture on a character just flapping their mouth, there is not a lot of moving around in this anime since it is a mystery show. Get off your silly English supremacist thinking, you like english fine but in noway does there being an English dub of a show make it mandatory for English speakers to listen to. Learn about the world and that anglo-saxon names are not the only names out there. That and the voice acting is horrible. The names are silly and it is a good thing Funi dropped Conan so that Viz can stop renaming characters to match the fail dub.
  13. Well I like Genta. I can't even remember the last show where he claimed to be the leader of the Detective Boys. He is the funniest Detective Boy and Michiko is like an Shinichi in training. The most annoying to me is Ayumi because all she does it like Conan and try to get close to him. That is annoying because we all know it will not work out.
  14. The folks that like the names will usually come up with a reason or just repeat why Funi change them. Like your name, Jimmy fits because it rhymes with Shinichi. Which is sad because Jimmy isn't even a proper name. The worst I can think of are Harley and Booker as I mentioned before.
  15. Japanese all the way. The localized names are a bother, like Booker because he is a book writer is just stupidly ironic. Also the accents they use suck for Megure and all of the Black Organization. Funi has Gin, Vodka, and Tequila sound like a mentally challenged goons. Totally ignoring the fact they are elites in a top criminal organization. So let me end it there but trust me I could go into it more.
  16. Well I was reading the posts here and wondering why DC is stuck at ep123 in America...then the name hit me. I try to hear the name in the first movie, never mentioned. Funny thing is Funi calls Santos "inspector". Which is completely wrong since he didn't get promoted until his first appearance in the manga, Love Story 1, after movie 1 and 2. Plus in the audio Japanese he is called keiji(detective). When Funimation fails, they fail often.
  17. In the Funi dubs he is only ever called "Santos" and credited at the end as "Santos". There is no mention of "Nicholas".
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