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  1. My favorite inspirational quotes this: "If you're going through hell, keep going." (Winston Churchill) AND What's the most inspiring quote you know?
  2. elison35

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    Last thing I bought Burberry XL Holdall Bag at this place and it is very nice.
  3. elison35

    Your latest Buys

    Recently I bought AOC U32U1 32 Inch 4K Monitor at this site and It pretty good-looking thing!
  4. I love detective canon quotes (frasi mondo) and my favorite is: “I’m willing to commit mistakes, if there’s someone else who’s willing to learn from it” –Heiji Hattori
  5. I am currently reading solo leveling manga at this place and It is one of the best action fantasy adventure drama manga series I've ever read.
  6. I played last game is pokemon x and this game graphic so good.
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