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  1. 030 Alibi Testimony Murder Case AND 528-529 Might Over Mystery
  2. 024 The Mysterious Woman With Amnesia Case AND Movie 20 The Darkest Nightmare
  3. Hi, I’m going to make a list of episodes that feel similar to each other, either they gave me a sense of deja vu or that I feel were inspired in some form or another
  4. Hi, I’m new here, according to recent manga and anime events the boss is confirmed to be Karasuma Renya. Let’s discuss Karasuma Renya and how his character will be significant in the upcoming storylines. Love you all, Darqo
  5. Darqo

    Hi :D

    Hi! My name is Darqo, I’m a huge Detective Conan fan since it aired in Arabic early 00’s I just wanted to say hi to everyone and send all my love to everyone who loves Conan :D Darqo
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