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  1. Hey everyone thanks for the birthday wishes a couple weeks ago. I've been so busy with school I didn't have time to respond right away...

  2. Well I don't watch any other anime, but if you write DC chapter or ended i'd like to read it. I'm actually working on another ending but there is no many mysteries still lingering around DC that it's getting kinda hard to write xD I'm reading theories about different characters on a few forums to get some ideas. I want to finish it soon.
  3. This might be my last one because I have little time before I start university. And when I start there will be almost no time at all. Plus I want to start working on pictures on real people because it is more of a challenge. I do plan on making more, it will just take a longer time to finish.
  4. Thank you everyone for your comments. This will probably be my last DC related photoshop art (hopefully not) Please continue to comment because I do hope to eventually come back to these
  5. Thanks for the comment, I'm working on a Kid compilation now. I like your signature picture. I would love the link to download CS4, I think my trial runs out in about 10 days
  6. Thanks, as long as you give me credit I don't care what you do with it :grin:
  7. Thanks for the comment. I use Adobe Photoshop CS5. I downloaded a 30 day trial, I think there are 25 days left. So I'm going to make the most of it =D
  8. I didn't draw these but I don't know where else to put them on this site Originally posted on DCTP (OneTruthPrevails) All of these are taken from my account on photobucket, Silvester1315. This is probably the last time I make anymore DC related art. I'm off to University. If you want to use these photos you are welcomed to do so just do not change anything without my permission. 7th project is here 1. Shinichi X Ran 2. Remake of the first one because of too many suggestions of sticking to one background 3. EDIT:I added more detectives and took out the detective boys. 4. Conan's gadgets 5. Shinichi X Ran banner 6. A "Catch me if you Can" spoof. I don't know if anyone has had this idea before, but here it is. 7. The Kudo's banner
  9. awesome AMV I liked how you included all of the times that they almost kissed, then at the end you showed them kissing (about damn time eh? =P)
  10. Hey DCW, my new fanfic is up please read it and give a review. Its under Fan Work-Stories

  11. Here is a fanfiction I did, please read it and review it. Shinichi at 7 years old
  12. Due to popular demand (you and Shiuchi Akai lol) I've decided to remake my fanfiction. I've started a little bit and just wanted to know if your still interested in helping.

    Is there a specific e-mail I should send it to or is the "Click here to e-mail me" good enough?

  13. Well I'll definitely think about either adding in more plot or changing the ending. If I do end up writing more I'll include important characters like Okiya and Eri. No promises though, I'm getting pretty shit marks in school at the moment and I need to apply to university so i can go next year so I have to bring my grades up. If you guys having any suggestions or want me to include something inside the story just add a comment here and I'll try to put it in. I actually had an alternate ending to the whole story I might switch it up because it seems that no one wants Kogoro to die (I don't either but hes can be pretty stupid sometimes and with Shinichi back it'll put him out of business lol)...I'll think of something =P
  14. Umm, I'm actually going to be really busy for the next while since schools coming to an end and I'm goina have to worry about university. So we can work on the story a bit more if we're both up to it, but I'm warning you I'll be rather slow throughout the process. But if you want to go solo on it go ahead, just at least give me a wee bit of credit at the end. And don't worry I'll accept every idea you put forth. Like I said before I wasn't planning on giving anymore thought on this, but if your helping I would be more than glad to use all your ideas. Anyhow I'll put all as much time as I can, lets make a kick ass story and hopefully others will see that we here at DCW can kick some ass =P
  15. I actually never thought of that, it is ironic haha.
  16. This was rushed because it was for my English assignment our teacher didn't want it to long. The assignment was to create an ending for a TV, movie, or play... So of course I pick DC . But yeah I totally agree with you it is rushed but I never planned on making it longer, but hell if I can get some help it would be awesome to continue it. Also, I don't know what Gosho Aoyama plans to do about Bourbon, Akai, the identity of the boss, or Okiya so I tried to not use those characters. Thanks for the comment your totally right. It is my first Fanficton and I may make more it depends on how school goes.
  17. some spoilers: thanks for the comment. When writing the story I had to consider what would happen to Kogoro when Shinichi came back. He would be out of business and every would realize he's a fake. I love Kogoro so that's why I let him die a hero, and a quick painless death (he was still sleeping). I also went for suspense at that scene, imagine what would happen if you couldn't read the next chapter for another week. Anyways thanks for the positive feedback.
  18. hey thanks for the great comment I did spend a lot of time making the story and it looks like it's paying off that and I just love the Dc series a little to much
  19. I just finished my ending to the series it's on this site under stories please check it out and give feedback
  20. Edit: read the story before the reviews, there are some spoliers. Ok first of all I just want to say that im new to forums so just adding the microsoft word doc is easiest for me...next i want to add that I'm really bad at english, so try to be patient. Chapters: 7 (try to not read it all in 1 day it'll add to the suspence =P) words: 4100 Chapter One: Conan’s last case Chapter Two: An Unexpected Surprise Chapter Three: The Plan Chapter Four: Plan B Chapter Five: Aftermath Chapter Six: Conan Dies Chapter Seven: R.I.P Great Detective Credits: I did everything >_> Please people I want all your feedback, tell me what you liked or didn't like about it. And lastly don't steal it and claim it as your own... Detective Conan.doc
  21. I was thinking that we should try to convince FUNimation to air the 6 movies they dubbed on TV again. Maybe even do a little advertising to. I know its a long shot and I don't know how to get this idea out there but with the help of DCW it can be done. I think they only aired the first 50 episodes (something like that) on TV. To be honest, even though some of the episodes are great, they don't tell much of a story. If we could get FUNimation to dub episodes that involve the BO, FBI, CIA, and Kaito Kid I think we can get the Western World into this show. Anyone else with ideas?
  22. I just started watching DC not to long ago and it's my favorite show now. I'll try to do as much as I can for this site. I started working on a Fanfiction for the ending of the show I'll put it up once i finish editing so you guys can tell me what you think
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