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  1. Sensei Kaito

    Describe Yourself in One Word

  2. Sensei Kaito

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Kimi No Na Wa (in English called Your name) IT WAS EPIC even though i cried soo much
  3. Sensei Kaito

    Detective Conan Chatrooms

    oh wow thats cool
  4. Sensei Kaito

    Increasing reputation?-HELP

    Awww THANK YOUUU!!!
  5. Sensei Kaito

    Increasing reputation?-HELP

    Guys how does your reputation increase, I don't get it ?! Thanks
  6. Sensei Kaito

    Detective Conan Chatrooms

    I think the chatrooms are a bit weird like nobody talks and it doesn't feel like a chatroom like it looks boring and doesn't have any colour or a smooth text box, it just doesn't feel like a chatroom. I do hope it improves since I am looking forward to communicating with other members. What do you guys think??!! Thank you
  7. Sensei Kaito

    When will it end?

    I hope it never ends
  8. Sensei Kaito

    When did you started Conan?

    August 2017 and now on episode 230 ...I have a long way to go
  9. Sensei Kaito

    Detective Conan Episodes

    okay fair enough