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  1. A new spoiler to chapter 1003 shows Shinichi and Heiji being caught on a tv camera.
  2. I prefer Conan as he currently is over Shinichi on the start of the series. When the serie started he was just so arrogant. I don't hate Shinichi though. I kinda think it was good for Shinichi becoming Conan. At the start of the series and when he was shrunk he was still the very much as his age-ego but with the time he stopped it and he became a more normal or at least more understandable character and actually emotional, thoughtful and profound person. I think i would like him as much as Conan now if he was Shinichi again.
  3. Really? Why did you then even meet up?
  4. okwoco

    I'm new!

    Welcome to the forum Shira.
  5. By the way. Ever thought of posting it somewhere else except here too? I mean since this forum is quite small and you might not find enough readers. I could suggest you FanFiction.net for that. It is quite active and people are posting or updating their stories there quite often in the DC-Section. So you could update it there and just post a link on here.
  6. Ok. Sorry for the delayed answer. I'm kinda bad in giving opinion's too but i'll try it. First of i didn't think you will make cases into your FF. But as you appearently do it's even more better. If you just have the whole story is always about bringing Pair XY together it might seem nice but making cases give's the viewer more the feeling of DC since it is always a part of it. Beside's it's really difficult to make up cases that are logically and reasonable so that the viewer have to think to actually solve a case. And that you did that pretty good. I didn't know who is the culprit until the point it was revealed. It's just as i would imagine a typical 3-culprit murder case of DC. And even if some case's in your story(if you make some more) then it's for me at least ok if they are not completely logical aswell since even in DC there are often cases in which that happens. *cough* fishing lines *cough* ^^ What i don't understand how do the gloves make evidence that she is the culprit? I read it through and still don't get it. Can't say much about the character except that you made them up very good. They are well as they are in the anime/manga actually. And yet i can't say much to the story since the first chapter was more about the case than the story (except the last 4 lines). But if you're going on i'll go into that too of course.
  7. I like the current opening too. (Video includes spoiler's to the movie)
  8. okwoco

    Conan x Ayumi

    Totally agree with you. I for my part doubt by the way there is much of a difference between Conan and Ai and Conan and Ayumi in term's of relationship. I mean if theoretically there is no antidote Shinichi would have to get over the fact that he cannot be together with Ran who is his only love. If it was Ai do you think they would sleep with each other instantly aswell? And that's what i mean. He wouldn't with Ai and he wouldn't with Ayumi too. It would take a time first to get over Ran and the time he is ready to start a new love relationship(If he wants to?) But the reason why i prefer Ayumi over Ai in FF's is that i like her character a lot more than Ai. She is quite naive and childish but she has her really cute moment's and even if she's scared she tries to be brave and often find's clue's that his other companion's miss. But mostly because she always is seeing the good in every person. She kinda remind's me of a little version of Ran too. For those who and didn't notice yet. I'm talking about FF's not the anime/manga since i support the main pairs of course and i think it is quite obvious anyway that Conan will get back to Shinichi and get together with Ran. So Ayumi wouldn't have a chance anyway. A time ago i read a nice german FF. It was settled at the start after the destruction of the organisation up to 10 year's later. The writer created a OC and made them get closer to each other and by that Ayumi further away from getting together him him. He was really good in describing the emotions and the thoughts of the main characters of the story. It was so funny to see Ai and Ayumi building up a plan which failed over and over again so they (Conan and Ayumi) even stopped being friends. And also he made so nice flashbacks that i thought i cannot await the final chapter with the ending which was quite obviously a Conan and Ayumi one. The further i read the less i believed it could ever turn out to this pair that way and i think that was the writer's intention aswell. To make his viewer's believe that ^^ It was really weird for me though that in the previous chapter they didn't even talk to each other but in the last one they (Conan and Ayumi btw) were together. And in the next story which is related to that he will tell more about the how and when this have happened. I wish it was in english too i think you could like it. But i really looking forward to your story too. You seem not to be someone who blindly start's writing their story but tries to make it realistic aswell and that is something which i like in FF's. I read FF's already in which the character's were already Out of character right after the first chapter instead of building it up slowly and thought-through. And that is something i don't like to read in FF's. So i wouldn't mind reading your story if you like.
  9. I'm watching Detective Conan since a very long time already. I think i was six or something A time long though i stopped watching it. That was when i really watched much One Piece. But some years ago as it had another appearance in television my love for Conan grew again. I'm quite addicted to it now.^^ I'm currently watching only actively the anime (even the Raw-File), though i have some DC manga-books too but i don't really read them. I by the way totally stand in the anime for the main pairs such as Shinichi and Ran ect. but i also ready FF's from other pairings too. By the way i noticed i'm quite cautious on forum so i might not wright much yet but that might will change aswell. Just letting you know so you guys don't wonder.
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