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  1. Just Cause 3 It is a really fun game. Well designed and a big leap from the previous games.
  2. My name is Asaso. I just joined the forum today. decided it would be fun talking to people with a common interest. I was first introduced to the anime by my uncle who watched the Arabic. And watched a lot of the episodes and then stopped watching the anime for a while and did other stuff. Later I discovered the manga and read 20 and that was it. I stopped for a long time. In January I found an article about detective Conan. and I thought why not watch some of the Anime. checked it out and saw the 800+ episodes. Now I am 91 in and determent to catch up this year. I just hope they don't cancel it before I catch up. That is My "Detective Conan" history. I am looking forward to post stuff here and be part of this community :-)
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