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  1. Man, I don't remember now. I matched the dates though and I think I was talking about The Punishment of Betrayal. Will have to re-read it to remember the exact situation though.
  2. Here's my list, I may have left out some recurring characters though. 1) Yusaku Kudo and Heizo Hattori 2) The Gosho Boys (Conan/Shinichi, Heiji, Sagugru, Kaitou) 3) Shuichi Akai, Rei Furuya, Shukichi Haneda, Gin 4) Masumi Sera, Kansuke Yamato, Taka'aki Morofushi, Vermouth 5) Shiho Miyano, Eri Kisaki, James Black, Jodie Starling, Kir 6) Andre Camel, Juzo Megure, Ninzaburo Shiratori, Kogoro Mouri (though it occasionally fluctuates for him), Vodka I have put multiple characters at one spot since, they are pretty much on par with each other. It's just my opinion!!
  3. That was Conan's plan. Moreover, it is quite obvious in the latest file that Conan is smarter than Akai as well as Bourbon.
  4. Not really, it makes sense considering where teens can start growing white hair, why is it so surprising for a 50 year old to have white hair?
  5. If Yonehara does end up being RUM, I'd prefer her to be a woman who took APTX 4869 and became younger instead of a male disguised as her. We have enough people with disguising skills already and we don't need more.
  6. That won't help much. We haven't had enough development in the manga yet and since the movies are non-canon, it really won't make a difference.
  7. I do believe that Hyoue Kuroda has some part to play in the RUM arc with relation to Mary ,or the Akai family, or the incident 17 years ago.
  8. There was a case, quite early in the series where Conan and the Detective Boys went to explore a haunted house. I remember a lean woman with long and white hair in that. The case where the mother was holding her son in the basement as he had murdered his father. Though this probably has nothing to do with RUM, you description did remind me of her.
  9. This may not be exactly related to the topic, but I just came up with this theory. If a topic on this exists, please guide me to it.
  10. I believe we need more clues to figure that out.
  11. What do you mean by Adam's apple?
  12. Mary isn't the same age as Conan or Ai, she's a few years older than them in the current state. It is also possible that she was given a prototype version, or even a more developed version of APTX 4869 due to which, it isn't necessary that she shrunk the same amount of years as Shinichi did. Hence, I don't believe it is possible to figure out her real age right now, assuming she really is a victim of APTX 4869.
  13. I really want the present BO arc to end, though I hope that the manga continues for some more time. Maybe Gosho should introduce a new arc/ problem after the BO one. I believe that's what most fans want when they say they want it to end but they don't want it to end, including me.
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