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  1. On 3/15/2023 at 2:26 AM, machine said:

    I have a virtual interview in 13hrs; wish me luck boiz


    i got the job lmao 


    but really though I'm very grateful and excited it's going to work out. I'm going from part time to full time (from 20hrs/wk to 40hrs/wk) and will be working at an hourly rate nearly double my current retail job ;u;

  2. I have a virtual interview in 13hrs; wish me luck boiz


    On 3/11/2023 at 10:29 AM, The Banana Paladin said:

    I wonder if there's a way we can regain that feature of viewing the repped posts of a user. Nice way to take a trip down the memory lane.


    I had no idea that feature was taken away :c I'd love for it to come back if possible

  3. On 6/10/2020 at 12:26 PM, Kirsch said:

    Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. It's about a man of IQ 60 who undergoes an experimental treatment to increase his intelligence. However, with increased intelligence comes increased awareness of the cynical world around him--those who laugh at him are not doing so out of friendship, but of mockery. As he reaches genius levels of thought, his predecessor, a now-genius lab mouse by the name of Algernon, starts to go crazy. dun DUN.


    I'm doing this book no justice with my synopsis, but would recommend looking at some reviews if you're interested! It's a great insight on the human condition (lots of Freud to be found here) from a pretty unique perspective. I really liked it and 11/10 would recommend!


    I've been meaning to read for this a few years to be honest! I've seen several people in recent months rave about it though so I might have to bump it up on my to-read list. Is the book as much of a tearjerker as I've heard it is?



    I wouldn't say it's necessarily "good", but I picked up a really pristine copy of Podkayne of Mars by Heinlein from a secondhand bookstore not too long ago and I've been enjoying it for what it is haha It's a great read if you just wanna turn your brain off for a short while. I also just started Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller the other night, and while I'm not far enough along to really have any thoughts on it yet, I've been enjoying it thus far

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