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  1. Watch the Kindaichi Case files anime.....because the KCF anime follows the manga closely and the manga is not likely to be scanlated anytime soon...I think except the first case: "The Opera House Murders", none of the cases are completely scanlated...either the first half of a case is missing or the conclusion is missing. So its better if you don't waste your time searching for manga scanlations...instead go and watch the anime. (its available at kissanime.com or even at youtube I think)
  2. I really enjoyed reading the interviews
  3. First of all, Yamato cannot be Rum since the real Rum has an artificial eye but Yamato is only one-eyed and doesn't have an artificial eye. It will be interesting if Rum somehow turns out to be the Akai family's middle brother but again this poses a contradiction since Akai was once in the BO and if Rum was his brother, he should have known him and also Akai's younger bro couldn't have been 'elderly'. I really hope this time Rum is a real loyal fearsome BO agent and not some undercover like Kir and Boubon because this will be too repititive. Rum might be an entirely new character just like what happened in the case of Bourbon. Early on, hints were dropped which led first Subaru and then Masumi to be suspected as Bourbon. But finally, Amuro who was introduced the last amomg the three of them, turned out to be the real one. So, going by this theory, Rum is yet to be introduced. Also since RUM is always capitalised, Rum could actually imply a group of 3 persons in BO one of whom is elderly, other one is feminine and the last one has a strong build. But again, this theory falls weak since it is unlikely that all three of them are one-eyed and it is said that everyone who met Rum has said he is one-eyed.
  4. Both Shuichi Akai (alias Subaru Okiya) and the little girl (whom Masumi is hiding and looks a lot like her) seem to have a deep connection with Shukichi Haneda since they closely follow his matches and are ecstatic at his win. The little girl even took the TV remote to bed when the broadcasting Shogi match where Shukichi was to play had been on hold temporarily. The pieces all fit into the puzzle if the little girl is actually someone related to the Akai family by blood and Shukichi is the middle brother.
  5. Has the English scanlations of chapter 912 been released?? I can't find file 912 anywhere but file 913 is already available; so I am confused...
  6. The middle brother of Masumi Sera is most probably Shukuchi Haneda since he seemed to know about Conan's intelligence at what seemed to be their first case together. This implies that he had earlier met him while he was still Shinichi and due to Shukichi's exceptional memory power, he instantly recognised Conan to be Shinichi.
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