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    Japanese Classroom

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    Awesome topic is awesome

    I volunteer to go too the moon xD
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    I never understood it either.
  4. Xcommando

    Awesome topic is awesome

    Welcome to a new cold war
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    *makes an intro*

    Welcome PT.
  6. Xcommando

    Japanese Classroom

    Watashi wa Tanner-kun.
  7. Yep! I am really active their, mostly in the offtopic though.

  8. Hello~ XD I don't know if it's just me~ But, are you a DCTP member by the way? XD

  9. Xcommando

    Lets make Detective Conan popular in Canada/USA

    I would love for the show to be more popular here. I have gotten one or two friends interested in the series, and I am sure it could become popular if a company put effort into it.
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    Kaito and Aoko

    Sorry I often make that kind of mistake, and forget peoples genders online.
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    Kaito and Aoko

    oh I see I didn't do that it was the shadows she drew effecting the shade of the color.
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    Kaito and Aoko

    I am not to sure what you mean by shadowing. I just did it and I am not sure what everything is called. I actually didn't do much to it except put color over everything, and blurring the hair.
  13. ZOMBIES!!! Anyway must people already came to the conclusion that they are trying to achieve immortality. Shinichi becoming a 7 year old is proof of their progress. They could be trying to revive the dead. It may as well just be Gosho trying to make another cool statement in the story that will often be quoted.
  14. Xcommando

    hi i am shinichiequalsconan

    I welcome you!