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  1. Although the simplest way to watch DC is just to watch them online, I'm actually just a fan of sitting down on the couch and watching things on TV. The problem is.... There's barely ANY DVDs in the US because they stopped dubbing them and all that stuff I'm sure you guys already know. I've wondered if it's possible to get the DVDs from Japan, or anywhere else for that matter. And, if it is possible, do they have english subtitles? If anyone knows, I shall be grateful forever! Thanks much!
  2. OH!!! You put the link!!! Lol, I totally missed that. Ok then. You don't have to e-mail it to me. Thanks a lot!! You saved my sanity!!
  3. Is what you would e-mail it to me a file that I could put it on my ipod?
  4. AHHH!!!! Forever Lost, that's it!!!!!
  5. No, I don't think it's that song. It's what you were talking about with the guy humming and stuff. Do you know the name of that song?
  6. Does anyone know the name of the song they play when somethign really sad happens? It sounds just like the main theme music but it's slower... and sad. XP I've looked everywhere and my brain is about to explode. Any help would be awesomeful!!!
  7. ........... I never even thought to Google it.... Wow. I feel smart right now. XD Gosh DUH. Lol. I think I'll do that right now. XDDDDD
  8. You people are killing me!!! What epiosdes are these????? I wanna see them!!!! PS Chelsea, LOVING that pic! XDDDD
  9. Errrrrm. Where would these links be? XD
  10. Does anyone know all of the Detective Conan charracter cameoes? I know there's an episode of Inuyasha that briefly has Shinchi and Ran for a momenent, but are there others? I've heard that they are, but can't find out WHAT they are. If anyone knows and can give me the show and episode, I'd be forever grateful!
  11. In Detective Conan Movie 12: Full Score of Fear, at the very end, Ran says that Shinchi has a strange habit when he plays. Does anyone know what that is? Did I totally miss it? Please help! Thanks.
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