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  1. Hi people! I'm back again... after some months... :)

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    2. NinjaGuy24
    3. Moon Kid

      Moon Kid

      Hey! Welcome back. :)

    4. PeunileV74


      Glad to know many people are coming back! Welcome back anex!

  2. Wish you a Happy Birthday:)

  3. An Abundance of Katherines- John Green <3
  4. anexichniastos


    Nobody is perfect,people try to show them like they are The Stars. But in my opinion,they are normal people.
  5. I'm back :) .... I guess nobody remember me ...

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    2. anonymously anonymous

      anonymously anonymous

      Wait! I am sure, I remember you XD

    3. anexichniastos


      Meitantei: No I don't remember you .... But hi for you :D

      Moon: Thank you :D

      Shahoda:Of course you remember me,cause I remember of you :P

    4. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      lol xD of course you wouldn't :P I'm not here at that time

  6. thank you!! Nice to meet you too!! Lol Really? I don't mind lol yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!
  7. Hi knpce!!! xP

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    2. knpce


      no :P the only anime I'm watching is detective conan lol

    3. anexichniastos


      Oh,so what about try to watch "new" anime???? *___*

    4. knpce


      Idk... I just don't have an interest in any other one, and I never have the time to watch another one :P

      Any recommendations, though?

  8. hahahaha I don't mind thank you for the candy *open* *_____* *and eat* thank you again haibara xD Nice to meet ya!!
  9. Hi Shahoda thank you!! *nods* ah .... Professor,since when you're professor?
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