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    I just finished the Scarlet collection of DC and I was wondering, Does Bourbon know and / or suspect that Conan is more than who he says he is?
  2. Tsukiko, Where was this stated in the episode? I don't recall it being mentioned.
  3. Shinxran, You can watch the episode and many others on either [link to streaming site removed] or [link to streaming site removed] that's where i go to scratch my Detective Conan addiction Mod Note - Please do not link to streaming sites. It's against forum policy.
  4. My apologies Shahooda, my ADD makes it so a random thought comes into mind and it just becomes teleprompted in big bold letters. I had just remembered that Haibara and Ran share a "unique" relationship and decided to point that out.
  5. Shahooda, I do agree with what you are saying. However, rewatching the anime, I'm not so sure about what's going to happen with Ran looking like Akemi (sp?). Haibara does mention it several times in the anime and possibly in the manga (will have to double check my theory.....).
  6. I voted for Haibara. I hope that she ends up with Shinichi / Conan because Conan has helped her through so much and in return she helped him too. I love how they are willing to do whatever it takes to get back to each other. AiCon FTW!
  7. I don't think she means it in the sense that she has done terrible things. I just think she's slowly getting tired with hiding her "life?" and with lying to Conan and to Ran about them not meeting before. She alludes to this quote again in the 18th movie where she says "A bullet couldn't pierce through Ran's heart." That she wouldn't allow it. (or something like that)
  8. I personally look forward to two types of episodes. Kaito Kid and Hattori Heiji. I root for these because they are just so charming. Kaito Kid I look forward to just a little bit more because I would love to figure out if his organization and the BO from Conan are linked in anyway or are even the same organization.
  9. Here's what I'm wondering.... I see Ran thinking about Conan "possibly?" being Kudo Shinichi and how he continuously lies to her saying that he's just Conan Edogawa. Now that Ran has met Haibara and has even stated that she is very mature for her age does she ever wonder about Haibara being "someone else"?
  10. The top 5 episodes that gave me the chills are: 1. The mysterious passenger, this episode gave me the chills because Haibara wasn't acting like her usual self that's what clued me in the first time that I saw it. Haibara is usually such a strong character and for her to act like a "child" that was unsettling for me. It also scared me because of Akai's scowl. 2. The moonlight sonata case, this episode scared the juice out of me. I am terrified of the moonlight sonata now. It still makes shivers race down my spine. 3. Dracula's Villa. I think the fact that they talk about Dracula and horror flicks in this episode and that they discussed Nosferatu was enough to get the blood rushing. 4. Jet Black Mystery Train. These few episodes sent shivers down my spine, I was terrified of how these episodes would end and how much drama could be pushed into so few episodes. 5. The Old Blue Castle. This last one scared me because of the old woman and how she refused to answer any questions.
  11. Okay this may be a strange question but: "Since Harley know that Conan is Kudo, does he know that Haibara is Miyano Shio?"
  12. I want Haibara to end up with Conan/Shinichi because they have more in common than that of ShinRan. Plus lately, I've been getting the "feeling/opinion" that Ran is changing too much and this has led me to believe that Haibara is a much better match for Conan/Shinichi.
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