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  1. Waaahh!! Watchin dc for a while now i missed this


  2. ive been busy with school stuff lately, and 'twas reallly good to be back in here! yey 

  3. Drake Swift !! mygad. i wish you were real

  4. done reading "the bet" book and must see the movie of that :-)

  5. so she's really getting into my nerves!!

  6. ughh still half way to goooo ~

  7. semestrial break!!!

  8. I'd like to investigate about Ano Kata !! Arrgghhh that man made my shinichi shrunk awwwhh


  10. I've been busy this past few weeks cause of school but i'll try to get some updates! Bye bye xx

  11. Can't wait for the anime version of Scarlet Showdown!!! I know u guys too, ryt?

    1. Rye


      I agree!!! I'm super excited!

    2. kyriesaur


      and it finally came out!!! woooh but first things first: i have to finish watching the episodes before thattt

  12. where can i watch Episode 627? yourupload is the only mirror available. :-----(

  13. 2 days till my heart breaks high school more like sigh school

  14. Kaito Kiddo never fails to amaze me!! ;;)

  15. Current season : 15! Yey :DDD

  16. i'm a newbie and idk how to use this account right now

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Nara-chan


      You mean what's reputation? Reputation is something that you give to a member who posted something admirable. Most people earned reps by writing fanfics or drawing. You can give reps by clicking on the green up arrow. You can only rep 5 times a day, and you can't rep yourself.

    3. Nara-chan


      And what do you mean by the second statement? Sorry, I'm a grammar freak ^^

      And sorry for late reply ^^

    4. Nara-chan



      Please explain!

  17. what if Gin poisoned other ppl using APTX4869 and shrunk? I don't get it sorry....

    1. Nara-chan


      What do you mean?

    2. kyriesaur


      Gin likes to kill people right? and maybe he poisoned them like what he did to Shinichi.. :/

    3. Nara-chan


      Shinichi was the first person to experience the APTX. In the manga, I think there is even a list of people who were poisoned there after Shinichi, so yeah.

  18. 4th of May. yayy!! :3

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