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  1. Shinichi. Two reasons: 1. Something good always happens when he appears/transforms (don't deny it) 2. He has a bit more 'outer personality' than Conan. What I mean is that he displays, and interacts with other characters with, the personality traits that make him have some meat as a character. While Conan seems to have no distinct character flaw (that lets me laugh about the character and make me love them more), Shinichi has the character flaw/plus (whatever you may call it) of pride; or as Sonoko describes it in the Halloween episode, "that attitude". It's this that makes me like him more than his more polite shrunken-self.
  2. A lot of crime scene terminology in Japanese, including: Tape, string, gun, murder, case (as in murder case), police, ambulance, inspector, detective, famous, great (mei-[word]), car, suicide, blood (reinforced knowing the word), accident, culprit, rain, lawyer, mysterious, strange, pocket, PET bottle, sushi ginger, danger, etc. Identifying and understanding Kansai-ben. Allergies can be built up over time, usually appearing between the ages of 20-30. (Mysteries of Teitan Elementary episode) Glass becomes reflective when it is dark behind it. Strangulation leaves marks on the neck. Scars don't grow as you age. Luminol reacts to blood. Potassium cyanide is not water soluble.
  3. For me, it would be Tequila; purely because every time he is mentioned my brain immediately goes to, "What a waste of a good code name!!" I mean, tequila is it's own type of liquor (unlike how sherry, chianti, and vermouth are all types of wine, and calvados and pisco are types of brandy), so I expected him to be a major player like Gin and Vodka. Unfortunately that was not the case and he died after we learned like 3 things about him. And as for Pisco, I feel that his life was so deeply engrained into the org that anything more than a few flashbacks with him (if Gosho decides to do that) may give out more information on the org than the manga's pacing allows.
  4. Agreed, only what makes it worse is that he was stabbed in the lungs, making it so he couldn't inflate them, an extremely painful death. Not to mention is looks like he was slashed across many places across his body (after seeing the dead body and how much BLOOD was left from him crawling around the room). This was the first episode of Detective Conan I ever watched, and I was 12 at the time; needless to say I was scared shitless of the show after that episode.
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