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  1. when akai died it was so sad when takagy told jodie it was his fingerprints !! and in 345 when vermouth remembered when shinichi and ran saved her !!
  2. what is your most hated character in dc ??? for me obviously that GIN
  3. i want conan to appear as shinichi !! and a b.o appearance
  4. the eleventh striker !!! so boring and just not realstic !!! when conan kicked the ball !! and the story wasn't strong enough !!!!!!! and also the second movie the 14th target !!!! not so special
  5. a qaurter of silence !! it was epic
  6. those are from the best ones for me
  7. yossr DC


    thank you very much !! sorry for the late raply !!!
  8. thanx for your replies !! actually it is not my drawing but i really like it to
  9. hi minna new here i really like the idea anad the topics here !! really serious discussions and very useful for all dc followers CHAPEAU !!
  10. yossr DC


    in which chapter was this picture please ??????/
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