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  1. I really do hope Ran will get a hint of Conan's identity. Honestly, I was a bit frustrated in Eri's kidnapping case where Ran got suspicious again with his identity but managed to slip off. Like girl, that child have been doing that same trick for a long time, aren't you sick of getting that kind of excuse everytime? I get the feeling that the field trip chapter will be a turning point for Shinichi. Obviously, Conan will ask Haibara to make him a temporary drug for the field trip I hope we get a scene where Ran caught Shinichi turning into Conan or even a glimpse of it. This will could be Ran's kick start to her investigation about Conan....
  2. Its possible that Ran actually knows Conan is Shinichi, and is simply hiding it. "The reasoning behind this is that Ran should know that the Fingerprint evidence is Ironclad, meaning Conan HAS to be Shinichi, and in the Cold Case episode, where Conan should have phrased it as "Shinichi's father" instead of Dad, as anyone reading an email from someone else that was sent to them out loud to someone else would normally do. Another piece of evidence is when Ran talked to Conan about giving him her blood while helping Eisuke out to find his birth records. She brings it up, yet does not question how she knew Conan's blood type, or why Conan never questioned it himself. Additionally, back on the Cold Case file, she stops him while reading the email, and while she does not tell him out loud, the images we see imply she recognizes him as Shinichi, because instead of showing the adult Shinichi, we see child Shinichi. She likely then did this to stop him from revealing this in front of Sonoko and Sera, having him quickly make up an excuse in front of both of them so they don't get clued in. When you piece these three moments together, it is reasonable to conclude she not only knows, but is protecting, Conan/Shinichi's identity consciously, though its highly doubtful she knows why. She can probably conclude though her father cannot be trusted with the truth." Found this on Ran's profile in Fan Theories tab. Any thoughts about this?
  3. What do you mean that Ran learns the truth? did she already know that Conan is Shinichi and was about to confront with it?
  4. "Still, there seems to be a latent conviction remaining in Ran that Conan could indeed be Shinichi; this is hinted at by her increasingly trusting behavior towards Conan throughout the series. Yet, mostly because of Sonoko's taunting, she also fantasies that Shinichi is with a brown/blond or strawberry blond-haired woman all the time - which is true to some extent, with the appearance of Ai Haibara in the series." --- Ran suspicion about conan...Is this true? I just read this from another wiki page of Ran Mouri description. If yes, Can I know what episode is it? or what chapter in the manga?
  5. Find it here http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Shinichi_Kudo_and_Ran_Mouri
  6. Yeah, tell me about it buti na isipan nila na-ibalik ulit yung Detective Conan sa GMA7 )
  7. Seems like the whole point of the Opening is about Black Organization. Glad to see (hopefully) DC getting back to it's storyline
  8. I don't want it to end though, part of me should end it because the episodes are getting nowhere and not completely relating to Shinichi :l
  9. I first found out Detective Conan is from Animax. 2006 Approximately. I watched the first episode and it caught my attention because it's so intriguing. Back then I was only a 3rd grader but after watching Detective Conan for the first time, I thought that I want to grow up like Shinichi, Detective and being a soccer player. and I grew and grew until I was 16 years old. even though I'm a 16 year old, I still watch Detective Conan. One day, My sister then asked me if I was too old for Detective Conan. Then I defensed "I grew up watching Detective Conan, I learned so much about life through Detective Conan." then it hit me. Detective Conan taught me a lot of things. like Don't be deceived by your own anger or jealousy. or Life is short, protect yourself while you can. :')
  10. In no particular order: 1. Shinichi Kudo 2. Hakuba Saguru 3. Kaito Kid (Kaito Kuroba) 4. Makoto Kyogokou 5. Heiji Hattori (Plus points for his Kansai-ben Accent <3) 6. Amuro 7. Takagi
  11. You know you're addicted to Detective Conan When.. - You want to grow up as a Detective. - You want to learn soccer so badly - You started taking classes in Kendo, Aikido, Karate because of Detective Conan - You wished for a long time childhood bestfriend who falls in love with you (vice versa) - You know how to kill people but scared to do it because Conan will see you through XD and many many MORE XDD
  12. I've been a fan of Detective Conan since I was 9 or 10 (I'm 16 now XD) I think Shinichi deserves Ran more than Haibara. Sure I like the pairings of Shinichi and Ai but it seems too wrong. Ran is waiting for Shinichi for god-who-knows-how-long.
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