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  1. this is the main music~ Secret of my heart piano: ~~hope you like it !
  2. Thank you guys for saying happy birthday!!

  3. Hi Conan Jimmy, and welcome to DCW!!!! Hope you enjoy and have fun here!

  4. A human brain needs to be smart, Math,Science,English and MUSIC needs to be great. if Conan WASN'T tone-deaf,he would't have Ran to help him solve the music-need Case Files.
  5. I think it's like this: One day,Haibara creates the anti-protype(or cure) for APTX4869.and then she calls Conan to Agasa's house. Conan ran to Agasa's house,Haibara then gives Conan the protype.Conan swallows it,then Haibara uses the sutn-gun-wristwatch to shoot Conan(Shinichi)and let him fall asleep. After Shinichi wakes up,He runs outside the door,wanting to meet Ran.But when he opened the door(Ran's home), Morui Detective Agency's room was in a mess! he serched everywhere,so he thoght that Ran went shopping,but then....(30 min past).... Haibara called him. Haibara:Kudo_kun.I got an E-mail from ''That Person''.please come qickley!he says Ran and That sleeping Kogoro&all the Detective Boys has been KIDNAPPED by him! Shinichi:What?! I'll be there! He goes to Agasa's house. Haibara says the email and everything to Shinichi. shinichi finds all the clues in 30 min and finds the location. it looks like this´╝ÜKhAITOUseKIDnapper's Shinichi:I get it!take away ''hsenapper's'' and you get.....KAITOU KID! And then Shinichi finds Kaitou Kid's house(Hakuba tells shinichi that he's supious that Kaitou Korbra is KID.)He knows it is almost dark.Ran and his friends will be in danger,and the solar power skateboard is to small for him.Luckliy, Agasa makes KID's another copy of his handglider,so shinichi might be able to use that to fly. So,Shinichi puts on the outfit and fly to Kid's home. when shinichi comes to KID's home,he meets ''That person''. That person: So, Kudo Shinichi,how does it feel like to let your girlfriend die? Ran:mmmmmmm!mmmm mm!(Ran's mouth has been taped) Shinichi:(smile)oh yeah? there are 50 police cars outside. you better give(takes out a can)....UP!(Kick!) ''That person'':(hide)you know what?I'm.... GIN! Shinichi:just as I thougt.Sera_san,kick him! Masumi Sera:hi.........YA! GIN:uhhhhhh.............(faint) When Gin was defeted, Shinichi pulled the tapes of Kid,Ran,Detective boys,Kogoro,Yukiko and Yusaku's mouth. And they all lived happliy ever after. THE END Background When this case was over,Ran went to Agasa's basement,but she found the suitcase. when she opened it, 2 of APTX4869 was in the suitcase.she mistakien it for VitmanC and ate it. While she fainted,Shinchi heard her sream.When he got to the basement,Shinichi found Ran being srunken in her child form.He noticed that there still had one APTX4869,So he swallowed the last aptx4869 and returned to his child form. AND they returned back to Teitan Elementary School Again! CREDITS writter Conan Jimmy
  6. Happy New Year,Everyone! -Conan Edogawa-

  7. Lol!!! And thanks, you too (although it is kinda late hehehe)....and Happy New Year!!!

  8. Yeah!

    I like Detective Conan World!

    Merry X'mas, Linh!

  9. Hello!! Welcome to DCW!! Hope you like it here!!! :)

  10. Hi, My name is Conan Edogawa

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