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  1. hi, I've been okay, how have you been?

    1. kfnnapa


      I've been good. PLaying games and working as usual. ^_^

      And we can just talk by commenting. I think its easier and you can do it from your own profile page too. ^_^

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  3. my exam results were: english - 80% (I was 2nd in my class), maths - 45% (I am terrible at maths), science - 63%, history - 59%, geography - 77%, spanish - 86%, HE - 67%, RE - 81%, music - 83%, technology - 88% & art - 61%, btw does your school make you have exams this time of year? if your school does exams this time of year, how did you do in them? and also, sorry for not replying for so ...

    1. happy kid

      happy kid

      Hi.. Vacation is near.. hehe. I did just okay with my tests

  4. you told me about the cross stitches in the comment you made on my profile on the 28 of November

  5. my favourite character is also Misaki

  6. I was viewing random videos on youtube and found one I thought was funny, here is the URL for it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=AIeZLqfSwzc&NR=1

    1. Diamond


      Still not as funny as this video:


      By the way, Heiji is the best dancer :P Shinchi kudo couldn't dance xD

    2. Wildheart888



    3. ShinRan1742


      Hahahahahaha!!!! Funny and very cute ♥!

  7. hi, sorry for not replying for so long, I'm okay, thank you for asking btw I saw in your interests that you've watched kaichou wa maid sama, which is one of my favorite anime (along with Detective Conan), who was your favorite character?

  8. hi, how are you? btw I think it's cute that you cross-stitched your Christmas present for the girl you like, or is she your girlfriend? or are you just friends? either way it's still very cute and I'm sure she'll love it ^-^

  9. Emerald

    A Weird Moment

    I think it was just 5 boys that really said anything about it...I exaggerated when I said the whole class, but sometimes it feels like it, because when I mention one word about anime/manga to 4 them, they call it weird and the other one only said it once, he even said a drawing I was starting on Shinichi was good, even though I just started it, I think he's the nicest out of them, but I don't think it's because they like me as a potential girlfriend, I don't know any of the boys very well, and I also don't talk to them very much either, as for everyone else in my class(except for Diamond) just give me strange looks when I talk about anime/manga. Some teachers at my school had a strange moment on the 20th of December when I showed them a DVD cover (which mine and Diamond's friend brought in, she also likes anime) of an anime called Death Note with a shinigami (death god) named Ryuk on it, I also showed it to my schools principal and some classmates (I think 2 of the boys I mentioned earlier saw it)
  10. hi, how are you? I know this is a few days late but happy birthday btw you have the same birthday as my geography teacher

  11. I've cleared my personal messages so you should be able to PM me now btw nice to meet you, can I add you as a friend?

  12. hi, welcome to DCW, I hope you have fun here and get many friends

  13. yes I have...now for one of our most random adventures to begin...LONGEST CONVERSATION EVER!

  14. I'll be getting more results today at school (very nervous about that), btw what did you stitch when you were cross-stitching and watching Detective Conan?

  15. I've only got a few results back so far, my maths is terrible, it was the worst exam result I've ever gotten, but everything else I think went okay, here are my results:

    music - 83%, the average mark was 82%

    technology - 88%, the average mark unknown

    science - 63%, the average mark was 62%

    maths - 45%, the average mark was 49%

    spanish - 86%, the average mark wa...

  16. hi, sorry that I've not messaged you for a while, I haven't been on very much for the past week, it's because last week was my exam week, and I was sleeping basically all weekend because I wanted lots of rest before teachers started giving me a lot of homework again, anyway, how have you been?

  17. I only know a few results so far, in music, I got 83%, in technology, I got 88%, in science, I got 63%, in maths, I got 45%, and in spanish, I got 86%, I know you probably know this without me saying, but I am terrible at maths

  18. I really want my classmates to let me sleep when there is extra time in class most of them are very annoying and only wake me up just to annoy me. And if I could, I wish I had a boyfriend and that I had more free time . Well that's all I can think of now, but I'll probably think of more in the future
  19. Emerald

    A Weird Moment

    a lot of guys sing tone deaf to me on purpose too, in fact the guy I mentioned earlier does it the most, when I said it wasn't completely terrible, I meant he was a little bit better than usual, but I find it incredibly annoying when guys just come up to you just to sing tone deaf, and for some reason they always sing songs I don't like, I also find it annoying when anyone in my class comes up to me, and they just talk to me to say that I'm weird or Detective Conan is weird (I get extremely annoyed when they insult Detective Conan), or just saying that anime in general is weird and watching anime or reading manga is weird...MY CLASS IS MEAN!
  20. all week, my VERY MEAN class has been throwing rubbers at me, and waking me up when we have extra time in class, and I want to sleep, so, I have a question for everyone, how can I get my annoying classmates to leave me alone when I'm trying to sleep?

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    2. Diamond


      I agree with Mohorovicic. Get more sleep! (/oAo)/ |_______|

    3. PhiBrainChild


      Just tell them to f*** off or ya won't help them on the next Math exam. Ya'll get all the sleep ya want.

    4. happy kid

      happy kid

      haha.. I dont know XD. But sometimes, I'm also sleeping at class. Talk to a friend of yours and ask her to guard you as you sleep XD I mean, she wont let others disturb you

  21. hi, how are you? and yes, I joined secret santa, btw who is winning the table flipping war? and what are your classmates like? I'm just wondering because all week, they have been throwing rubbers at me and I want to know if it is normal, and do you know how I could make them pay for throwing rubbers at me?

  22. considering my class (they throw rubbers at me when I try to sleep and are generally annoying), but I'm also a little nervous for my exams tomorrow, but other than that I'm good, thank you for asking, btw are your classmates nice to you?, just wondering because mine as I stated earlier throw rubbers at me, and I want to know if that is normal or not

  23. I'M DOOMED, me and Diamond have exams tomorrow and I am EXTREMELY nervous about them...to think about 16 more hours to go before I do my 1st exam *_* (is scared)

    1. Diamond


      Chill out bro, for English you just need to know a few persuasive language skills, and for history, 20th century, titanic and life in the trenches and also what started the war, which was an ostrich being shot.

  24. well...when I learn something new in school, I try to relate it to Detective Conan, I get called strange by my classmates for doing that though, but that does not change the fact that it is fun

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