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  1. kirhidemi

    Sport Manga

    Try One Outs by Shinobu Kaitani and Happy! by Naoki Urusawa
  2. kirhidemi


    One of the hidden gem. hoping that somebody will pick this up seriously and complete the whole series.
  3. kirhidemi


    i believe there is an Indonesian group currently doing subs for this. i have been longing for this series to be subbed in english completely but it was so underrated that only few know about the series.
  4. kirhidemi


    Hi everyone I both Mummy Curse for $5 in amazon last year and now its over $10 thank God i bought 1. Anyway regarding the series I definitely love the series, I do, I want to watch and read this series from top to bottom and I will really support if anyone want to translate this series. BTW off topic, how about Q.E.D do anyone read the series, currently we have a small group that translating this manga but we are really slow in the release.
  5. Remote, Detective Conan, Monster(recently done), 20th Century Boys, Doubt and Bleach
  6. instead of making wiki for it why don't we focus on translating the whole series, both manga and anime so that people will aware what's happening in the series so that we can contribute on the information that we know to the wiki. I was hoping the the late DCTP will engage some project on Kindaichi (as of now KAW and KNKF are the only reliable fansub group translating the series), but now still hoping that one day people will know how incredible this series is especially on the mystery genre fans.
  7. kirhidemi


    It's great that the series still continue but then as the series continue in the home land (Japan), people outside Japan still hoping that manga or anime in English translation will some release but this series was so rare that even ordinary people can't purchase manga are overprice
  8. Hi count me in, been watching this anime since 2008 (Clash of Red and Black Arc). Taga saan ka satin?
  9. yeah I agree with you for openings this is my bet. yeah nice track too.
  10. Hi guys what do you think the most saddest theme song of Detective Conan, for me its "June Bride" by U-ka Saegusa in db and "Yukidoki no ano kawa no nagare no you ni" of the same artist hehehe... To you guys what do you think is your bet.
  11. For my opinion I like to DC end as soon as possible. Don't get me wrong but I think DC reached its limit to point out what the story is all about and because that I love this series much more to other, I don't want to end up this series just like Bleach that only the demand of the public dictate how long it will goes. We as a matter of fact Gosho-sama said that he already has the script for its ending and I'm looking forward to it and hoping that it does not disappoint everyone for its ending. Also I want to have soundtrack (opening and ending) for the final arc or series of is anime to have a very sad ambient music, just like any other typical ending theme of this series so that when ever I heard that music I can remember the scene and memorable quotes of the characters until the end.
  12. QED and Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo is much more similar to DC but sad to say they are unrated and very rare to have copy of both manga and anime. BTW I'm currently working on the translation project for QED (Orionwave) and up to now we only releases 19 volumes out of 40+ I think and for volume 20 still ongoing.
  13. yeah at first when I've watch that episode. I believe that she was not the killer at all and also believing that she has a contribution to the plot. :mrgreen:
  14. hope that the translated novel will release soon..
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