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    I drew these quite long back, but I hope you like them! The second one is a copy of Aoyama sensei's drawing and I named the third one "Conan in Dubai".
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    Hello everyone, This is a post I've been meaning to do for a long time now but never really got around to doing it. I was also on vacations for a while and only came back this week-end. The goal of this post is to expose a bit the "behind-the-scenes" of DCW and be as open as possible regarding the finances of the site and servers. In a way, I would like to sensibilize the community about the resources and money it takes to maintain DCW and keep it running day after day. I'm not sure if you all remember the events of January of this year when the site had some major issues and I've had to make many updates (and upgrades) to put it back up (better, safer and stronger)? If not, see the posts made here: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/4298-forum-and-wiki-maintenance/ and http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/4357-forum-and-wiki-upgradeupdates/ Besides the software upgrades at the time, I also upgraded the resources used by DCW (due mainly to the increasing traffic of visitors to the site). I also currently pay a third-party service to regularly scan, detect and prevent attacks and potential exploits as they appear. The bill has now come to around $150 per month for a web server and a separate database server + about $10 a month for the security service I just mentioned. This is quite a substantial amount of money in the end (about $1900 a year out of my pocket..). And with $150 a month already, I believe at this point we could eventually push it a little more to reach our dream of getting a dedicated server that we can fully use and benefit from, resources-wise, without any (or barely any) restrictions (i.e. more bandwidth, more memory, more CPU). We should consider at least $200 for a good decent server. This is why I was hoping this post would let you know more about the situation and our priorities and where you could eventually help out in reaching our goal of getting a stable dedicated server as well as helping build the number 1 Detective Conan resource on the web! I would like to thank everyone who donated so far! It's very awesome of you and I am really grateful for the help! It really does help in paying the bills every month. If I make an average of the amount of donations per month and how much they help out I would say that they represent about 5% of the monthly fees. On the long-term, it would be amazing if the server could become self-sustaining with everyone's effort and help! So, even if it's just a little bit, any help is appreciated! Even $1 would be great! Thank you! Some benefits of becoming a donator: - Member of the "Donators" forum group (if you want to). By doing so, you'll let others know of your dedication and support to DCW - No more ads on the forum - The profile page can be customized a bit - More messages allowed in the inbox - If you have more ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your contributions and continued support! Always greatly appreciated! Maurice
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    I heard that the administrators of a certain forum game were removing players for not posting on the thread while DCW was being blocked by some browsers for distributing malware. Forcing people to choose between the security of their computer (which may be used by multiple people) and a game is inappropriate. Next time, please use common sense and put the game on pause, start over, or try to arrange for the players to meet at a different website. If this happens again, I will lock the offending game's thread. DCW values its creative forum game playing community, but demanding that players go to a website that was distributing malware to keep playing is extremely irresponsible. It's no fun to have your computer full of viruses and your personal information stolen.
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    Hi all, Following the recent events with the website warnings and all that, I'll be conducting a series of code checking and upgrading. The forum and wiki will eventually be updated to their latest versions (even though that could take some time). I'll update this post as soon as an update day and time is determined. Note that during the development and testing of the new version of the wiki, the latter may become unavailable at times because that version is built on top of a different version of PHP (i.e. scripting programming language commonly used for web development). Because of that, I have to switch back and forth between the different versions to perform the necessary tests and modifications. I apologize for the inconvenience. It shouldn't be as tricky for the next update since differences in PHP versions should not have such a big impact in the future. I thank you for your patience! Hopefully, all this will make DCW much stronger and better! Thank you for your support and have a good day! Maurice
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    wrong position. again. again.
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    Greetings DCW! I've noticed in my time here, that there is a severe lack of understanding of when or how to use the search function or any other search. So I'm going to give a run through of the different aspects. FIRST! When to use search? Well, the first thing you should always do when starting a topic is check the thread reference guide that Chekhov MacGuffin created! That is a great resource for finding old threads on a variety of topics in relation to Detective Conan. But let's say that you cannot find something similar to the topic you want to create or you are making a topic not in Detective Conan forums (like Chatroom or elsewhere). It is at this point you should always use search. There might already be a topic for what you are creating, or your questions might have already been answered. Where to find search bar (And other searches): Regular search and advanced search act exactly the same way. Advanced allows you to use tags and other parameters, if you know them. Like Date range, Author, and tags. You can also search based on number of posts and number of views. And be aware that the search bar is always there, no matter what (It is the nice thing about IP Boards). On top of that, it will search the specific forum you are in. (So if you are in "General" under Detective Conan. It will only search that forum, unless you select otherwise). And it even goes further than that, being able to search specific threads. (Which is great if you want to find something you know someone wrote in a long thread.) Type of searches (And how to use them): Now there are THREE ways to search this website. The first is the one everyone always tries (if they choose to use search), and subsequently becomes frustrated with. This is known as keyword searching. What does that mean? Well first it means that you can't use words under 4 letters long. This is due to the fact that many 3 letter words and under are too broad or unspecific enough to make the search effective! What it does is this... It will take the words and search all of the words in the forum posts. Trying to find threads in which the words occur. Example: Say like you were looking for Shinichi vs Heiji. If you search that. It will search for the words Shinichi and Heiji. It will disregard the word "vs" So here is a basic search. (I used advanced to show it) Here is the results. Please note how "vs" was completely disregarded, And here is how it actually searches. Notice how the words are NOT in tandem. It finds, in threads, the words. It does not however search thread titles. So that is how that search works! And how to use it. Because of how it is designed, it will give you the most results, but be the least accurate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The second is what is known as phrase search. What this is, is a search of a specific phrase. So it completely disregards the under 4 letter rule. To use it is very simple. You enclose the search terms in quotes! And here are the results. Notice that only one result shows. Because it is the only thread with that specific string of words. And that does it for the site specific searching. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I know I said there were three, but it is really more like three and a half. The last one is GOOGLE! You can use Google to search the contents of ANY site in the same two ways as above. Use it if you don't like the site search or just trust Google more. The way it works is that you type into google site:detectiveconanworld.com/forum/ [search query] (Consequently you can also use this to search the wiki too, just use the right site search.) Both the types described above can be used. But because it is using Google's algorithms, the results are a bit different. So here is just a quick example using the same search terms I've been using. Now there is a benefit to using Google over the site's... Google's search is a bit more flexible, and thus it doesn't have any requirements like "No words under four characters" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I implore everyone to use all the resources available before creating a new thread, or claiming something wasn't available when it was. And I hope this is useful to everyone.
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    So, I'm sure everyone's been eager to see what everyone has gotten and made, am I right? So let's get this ball rolling! (and sorry for getting the presents out a little late; the stupid page reloaded on me when I was making the post ) First to bat with getting a present is the Sonoko lover Ren-kun! Stop that watch! Next present goes to Stopwatch! Next up is the gift for DCW's Collateral Damage, Akai Sera! Upcoming present goes to our child with a brain, PhiBrainChild! Next present is for a 1412 fan, Granoith! This present goes to our Hetalia-loving laughing queen, Akakata! Our next present goes to the guy who knows a lot about guns, OTTD Player! This present goes to the girl who won't ever stop loving anime, Anime Girl 4 Eva! Next present goes to our talented artist with a knack in several medias, Aisuigetsu! Last official present of the night goes to our Photoshopping king, Wicky! Even though she was not officially a part of the event, here's a present for IdentityUnknown for helping out! Thanks for joining everyone! I hope you had as much of a blast as I did!
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    Actually, it wasn't the Google ads. It seems that some rogue script was used to exploit a weakness in our system causing some pages to contain some malware that could potentially generate ads or do other kind of spyware-like activities. Nothing bad in the end but surely annoying and invasive. I'm dealing with the issue right now and because of my work (and thus lack of time), I'm getting support from a security team to handle this. They've cleaned it up for now but it could happen again if I don't upgrade everything right away (such as MediaWiki and the forum) which is hard to do. Just be sure that we're working on it!
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    The rp characters from Walpurgisnacht~ (The current IRL Round.) Far left is Aster Lawrence (Usui-kun) then Sasaki Saki/Sakila (AnimeGirl4Eva) and Misaki Mimori (Misaki-chan.) Top right are Kavin Chills (Mohorovicic) and Rouge (Usui-kun.) Bottom right are Devin Song (Ren-kun) and Garnet Wisteria (Me xP) It's bad and I drew from profiles, but meh, it's something. xP I avoided drawing hands as well xD
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    Here are some of my drawings: Shinichi and Ran the drawing before being colored Kaito Kid Haibara Before Coloring And here's a drawing of Yagami Light of Death Note Hope you like them
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    Ah, I'm laughing so hard right now. The regards to the school about forgetting to write? More intelligent people create more dumb people? Dependency on computers is a bad thing. Ahaha, priceless. First of all, what do you define as "writing"? I'm pretty sure Shakespeare wouldn't think a computer typing was writing, if he knew what a computer was. "Writing" is not simply the act of writing on paper. It is the communication of information through non-verbal speech. You're not forgetting to write if you overly use computers. I'm pretty sure I haven't written much in my life, but I can write essays and stories, no problems. But that's beside the point. You're not forgetting to write. You're doing it through a new medium. Your comment about "more intelligent people are, the dumber others become" is just plain ridiculous. I don't see any correlation anywhere. There will always be smart people, and there will always be stupid people. It's just how the world is; we can't fix it; deal with it. Bringing your laptop makes you dependent on computers and internet connections. I'm not completely sold on that. The typewriter hasn't replaced pen and paper (and neither has the computer, mind you, not yet), and movies, despite Edison's predictions, did not replace textbooks. People often presume that this "new technology" will soon take over another, older technology, and that is ultimately bad. However, history doesn't agree. It hasn't happened before, and it won't happen. Despite what you believe, we humans will keep following old trends that repeat over history. It's happened with civil rights: first came black males, then women, and now gay marriage. But more importantly, even if the computer does overcome pen and paper, what is bad about that? I'll put an old argument forward: paper comes from trees. But more importantly, it's a new medium overcoming an older medium. The Internet allows communication at speeds previously unimaginable, which can't be duplicated through mail. It allows new ideas to take root and expand like they could not before. The Internet is better and more advanced to mail, and a similar example comes here with computers and writing. Obviously, typing is much quicker and easier than writing. As a writer, it's important to get down ideas, because they tend to be rather transient. The computer was a godsend for me and other writers, making writing easier. And that is what technology is all about: making lives easier. You say that children are playing on laptops instead of playing outside. Well, first, I don't know where you live, but no, this is not completely the case. And yes, there is a gradual trend upwards of computer usage, but what do people tend to do on computers? Facebook. Social networks. Forums. Email. Online games. It's socializing without actually meeting. The jury is out on whether online interactions are worse than face-to-face interactions, but honestly, until there is evidence, this argument is invalid. And what's wrong with being able to use laptops? Do you know that many grandparents don't know how to use a computer? My grandfather is excited because he can use the mouse, goddamn it. Our society is evolving towards a society that is more technologically integrated, and being able to use a computer is going to be as necessary as say, driving. This is because of mankind's pursuit of a more comfortable life for all, because easier typing and faster communication is always more comfortable. In fact, people that are hesitant towards new technology, critical of it, and cling to their typewriters, are our greatest enemies, for they are the most naive and unknowing about the world. They impede our progress as the human race. We can shut them up. Unfortunately, there will always be stupid people in the world, like I said. A new world awaits us. Embrace technology, and move forward, ever forward. One day we will travel the greatest frontier, the black beyond, improve health and cure the illnesses that plague us, and yes, computers will be critical to this process. And we will trip, like we have in the past, but do not listen to the nagging voices that insist that the old ways are best, because they are not. We will learn from our mistakes and just grow further. Soon those nagging voices will quiet, and maybe once and for all.
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    Apparently an informal interview was given by Gosho on Jan 3rd, 2013 to fans. There is no transcript I know about (hopefully something more detailed will pop up to confirm) but reports of what was talked about made it onto Baidu. Usually interviews from there are somewhat suspect, but this info seems to be well regarded because it isn't absurdly revealing, the poster included pictures of the informal meet, and a similar informal interview (linked) was given last year around this time. The Japanese person who was at the previous year’s interview also had commentary on this one. The Chinese and Japanese accounts do not contradict each other, so it is extremely likely the info is accurate. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2081711892 今天柯南作者见面会问答 组织消息 Posted by 我爱贝尔摩得 Y大蟹酥Y微博消息 大叔说还会有新的组织成员登场 否认boss是阿笠博士 灰原和琴酒确实有关系,但具体是什么关系敬请期待 怪盗基德不会再和组织有交集 明年20周年可能会画组织相关内容 大boss没有酒名代号,但成员的代号都是大boss起的 Translation by Conan4869 with edits: Gosho said there [could be] a new member of the Black Organization [appearing], denied Agasa is BO boss. There is a relationship between Sherry and Gin, wait to see what relationship between them. Kaito Kid won't be involved in the BO story anymore. Next year 20th anniversary (Year 2014) he may create a story about BO. BO boss had no codename related to alcohol, but members' codenames are named by BO boss. Analysis Likely no big BO confrontation cases will happen in 2013, although the plot with Amuro, Sera, and Akai should go on. Chapter 900 will fall in approx February-March 2014 at the current rate, which suggests Gosho will hold off until 2014 - the 20th anniversary of DC. (For anime watchers, BO cases or cameos often occur on manga file numbers that are multiples of 100) Gosho may be thinking about introducing another new BO member, but he is probably going to clean up some of the current plot first. It will probably be a while before there are any new BO. To put it in perspective, the Nagano case Gosho talked about last year in January still hasn't happened yet. It would make the most sense to introduce a new member in File 900 in 2014 to coincide with the 20th anniversary. We already knew Agasa wasn't the boss and the boss gave out alcohol codenames. No more Kaitou Kid messing up the BO plot!!! <- BEST NEWS I doubt Gosho will clear up Sherry and Gin's relationship. Whenever the issue came up in earlier interviews, he gave pretty much the same answer. The only new development about that mystery since the early Vermouth arc is Gin thinking of Shiho naked again in the train case. Fans have been asking Gosho about the two of them since the Vermouth arc without success, so it must be sensitive and/or something Gosho is saving for later.
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    I thought when Conan said the girl who looks like Sera, he was referring to Sera. The girl in the photo is def Sera now, so that was incorrect in the end. Known facts about the child: • Conan thinks the child is female. Outfit appears to be a high-neck pleated top, hoodie jacket, and hat. A pleated top, assuming that is what it is, is considered female-only clothing in Japan as far as I know. • Child has neck length, blond, curly hair. It's noted to resemble Char Aznable's. • Middle school aged-looking according to Conan, so approx 12-15 years old. Height is intermediate between Conan and Ran. • Has eyes like Akai Shuuichi. • Highly likely to have been hiding in Masumi's bedroom. Masumi preventing Conan from entering the bedroom and the child was later shown emerging from her room later (876). • Conan thinks Masumi showed the child's picture to him intentionally, although the purpose is unknown. Some notes about the facts • Wearing a hat indoors is somewhat secretive, but also common for Akai family. Speculation Conan suspected Masumi was warning someone to hide in the text to her brother Conan seems surprised that Masumi would so quickly cancel a meeting with her brother (876: pgs 4), especially after Masumi noted earlier that she has no idea what the brother has been doing of where he has been. (859: pgs 6-7) Conan gets the suspicious "..." watching Masumi text her brother happily, suggesting that she is doing something he finds suspect. Conan then decides to pry around the apartment, something Masumi in turn was alert to. Since the child in the photo was shown on the bed, Conan may have just been intending to match the patterns with his memory of those he saw on the phone picture to ascertain where the photo was taken. That said, I think Conan is assuming Masumi's text was a warning to stay hidden, especially after he was blocked from the bedroom. Conan suspects there is something important about the child Conan chases after the child in the crowd in a hurried and almost panicked fashion. The last time he did that sort of thing was when Scar Akai appeared and when he thought Bourbon might have gotten some serious information. That doesn't imply the child is evil, but certainly suggests that Conan thinks the child is important enough to track down immediately and get emotional about. Bugging the room pretty much confirms Conan's intentions as well as his belief that the child is not bad because he risked his bug being found and traced back to him. Conan's assumption that the child is a girl should be taken with a grain of salt Conan could very well be correct about the child being a girl. That said, Masumi already fooled Conan into thinking she was male. Androgyny might be a recurring theme for the Akai family. Even though the child appears in girl's clothes, if the child is a boy in hiding (wearing a hat indoors suggests this may be the case) then they may be using their androgynous appearance as a simple disguise. Reason why Masumi would show Conan the child's picture Conan thinks Masumi deliberately showed him the picture of the child in 875. Masumi has also been relatively free with information regarding her family. It may be that she is inviting Conan to make a deduction about the child's identity. If Conan is wrong about why Masumi wanted him to retrieve her phone, I can only think of a few other options. Maybe she wanted his fingerprints? If that is the case, couldn't she have gotten them already from something else he touched? Maybe she left the camera on and was filming his face close up as he collected it? Maybe it was recording his voice? (If it is the voice, Masumi could have purchased a recorder earlier, or recorded Conan during the deduction scene.) Theories about the identity of the child Facts about Masumi's family This is the information about Masumi's family she has given us so far. Most of it is self reported, so if she is lying everything goes out the window. • Masumi's nuclear family consists of five individuals ....• A father who is dead ....• A mother, well endowed, currently living in America. Resembles Masumi and the eldest son. ....• An oldest son, thought to be dead, who looks like Masumi and his mother. Heavily implied to be Akai Shuuichi. ....• A middle brother living in Japan who doesn't look like Masumi, Shuuichi, or their mom. ......Smart as opposed to strong, probably 28-29 years old, and has been advising Masumi on cases by phone. ......His whereabouts and work are unknown according to Masumi. His last name isn't Sera or Akai. ....• Sera Masumi herself Masumi claims that she doesn't have any more relatives close enough to depend on. (876 pg 3) It is unclear whether this means that her family are all the relatives she has, or she could have more relatives, but they aren't close enough to support her. She says she is being financially supported by one of her dad's friends. The identity of this backer is unknown currently. This information appears to exclude another blood relative in Masumi's nuclear family, which confuses Conan. That leaves us with a few options • Masumi has lied about the number of siblings she has. • Masumi has lied or does not know about (i.e. doesn't know they are related by blood) having additional relatives she is close with, one of which is the child. • The child is not considered part of Masumi's family by Masumi. • The child's strong resemblance to the Akai family is coincidental. • The child is an offspring of one of her siblings. • The child is in fact one if her family members, implying they were shrunken somehow. Detailed Breakdown of above listed ideas Masumi lied about the number of siblings she has or the relatives that she has If the child is another blood sibling, the span of her mother's childbearing years is minimum 13-14 years, assuming they are born of a single mother. Also I would expect to see clues that Masumi lied about her family per the Gosho-writes-solvable-mysteries-which-means-there-should-be-clues-somewhere principle. If the child is a relative of Masumi's then it doesn't explain why she would want to show Conan the picture, unless she was afraid of letting Ran and Sonoko know she had relatives. Masumi doesn't know the child is a blood relative of hers In these cases it is unclear why Masumi would want to show Conan the photo of someone she doesn't think is related to her. • Masumi's backers may be blood relatives of the Akai family, but Masumi does not know this yet. The child is related to her backers. • The child is a secret offspring of the father or mother. It is unclear when Masumi's father died. If he had a child by another woman, then it is possible that the child was raised with that other woman instead, and Masumi was not aware of the relationship. Also, if somehow her mother concealed a pregnancy from Masumi, it's possible that the child is a secret sibling. The child is not considered part of Masumi's family by Masumi One solution is that Mrs. Akai remarried and had another child after the death of her first husband, who had Shuuichi, middle brother, and Masumi. Masumi for some reason doesn't consider this step-child a part of her family. This sort of logic seems weird to me, but maybe there is customary thinking to explain this? The child is an offspring of one of Masumi's older brothers • Her middle brother is 28/29 which would make him a teen parent if that was the case. • Shuuichi is older and theoretically could have had a relationship with another woman early on. That said, Shuuichi hasn't acted like he has a child (unless the woman he impregnated kept the child secret from him). Jodie is 28 and would have been a teen mom. No past girlfriends of Shuuichi old enough to have had the child are known to exist. The child is in fact one if her family members, implying they were shrunken somehow. The APTX 4869 theory. Gin mentioned that Shinichi was the first, or at least one of the first people APTX 4869 was tested on. That is backed up by Haibara implying that the Black Organization hadn't been using it as a poison for too long. Her test of APTX 4869 on Numabuchi was blocked by him escaping. That implies that any shrinking going on will be recent in the case of APTX 4869, or really old to the tune of 18 years if Silver Bullet is involved. Silver Bullet was never mentioned as being tested on people, so APTX 4869 is more likely. Haibara, in her intro case, did give a warning that she thought more people might shrink which would be disastrous if discovered, so Shinichi should hurry up and make Kogoro famous and break the Org. A shrunken person would explain why Masumi showed Conan the child on her phone, inviting him to figure out that he and the child have the same problem. If Conan thinks he is dealing with a shrunken child, it explains why he took off running after the kid in an extreme way and bugged their room. Then there is the problem of why anyone would be dosed with APTX. Amuro trying to lure out Shuuichi by killing one of his family? The person got caught investigating something? The middle brother shrunk Out of all the various candidates, the middle bro makes the most sense. If he is the child, he looks different from Masumi and Shuuichi with his light hair color, something Japanese people are sensitive to. I could see Masumi saying he looks different from she and Shuuichi, even though their eyes are similar. If the middle brother is feminine-looking to the point where he is mistaken for a woman (in contrast to Masumi's masculine appearance) then the brother might be posing as a female child because it is a convenient disguise, especially if he doesn't know who is trustworthy. The middle bro has failed to tell Masumi where he is and what he is doing and refused to allow Masumi live with him, all things he would be doing if he was trying to hide his shrunken state from her, or what Masumi would say to others if Masumi was covering for him. It's strange that Masumi appears to have realized Conan is Shinichi (see discussion on The Wizard), but she hasn't informed her middle brother (who is in a similar state) about this discovery and working with Conan prior to the Makoto parking lot bathroom drowning case. If she knew her brother was shrunken, I would think that she would try to probe Conan to figure out what happened earlier on. She hasn't done so yet. The only way I can reconcile this is if the brother had been keeping his shrinking a secret from Masumi up until the text message with Conan's picture in the Makoto parking lot drowning case. Then he himself figured out Conan was Shinichi (maybe he met Shinichi in the past too). In between Twin Bets and Red Woman, he broke his prior secrecy and called a meeting with Masumi because he wants info on someone else with his condition. Masumi takes a picture of her brother at this time and shows it to Conan in the Red Woman Case, hoping Conan will figure out there is someone else like him too. Masumi really did intend to meet with her brother at the hotel where she claims to be living now (which is different than the short hotel she was shown to be living in before.) She changes plans to have Conan, Ran, and Sonoko come over so that the brother could get a look at Conan for himself, and so Conan can learn more about her brother's shrunken state. In case they see her later at a different hotel (the one where Masumi really lives), Masumi lies about moving out soon. Masumi keeps Conan from going in the bedroom is so he doesn't realize she doesn't live there (and because the brother was hiding in there). The brother wears a hat indoors when going to the scene of the crime in order to be sneaky. This explanation doesn't account for how the brother knew Conan was a good detective. (He would have had to know about Conan ahead of time - see middle brother theories on knowing Conan is Shinichi) If the brother is the child, that means as an adult, he probably looked a bit like Okiya, because siblings typically have similar builds. That would explain Masumi's instant startled reaction to Okiya, but uncharacteristic failure to follow up on any suspicion later. She realized he wasn't who she thought he was at first. Masumi's mother shrunk Well the child would be a girl. I don't really know what else to add onto this. Masumi's mother hasn't been active in the storyline the way the middle brother has. Masumi said her mother was in America, which could be a lie. Almost all the other information about Masumi's mother is physical appearance related. Maybe the mother met Ran in the past, because Masumi asks Ran to back an assertion that her mother is big chested, implying that Ran must have seen her in the past. Akai Shuuichi shrunk Shuuichi is definitely Okiya, so this doesn't work. Characteristics Okiya possesses that Shuuichi has, but the middle bro might not have: Black Org feeling Ran's feeling they have met before Quote "Don't make that face" and Haibara's feeling Okiya and Shuuichi are similar Knowledge on how to operate Conan's tracking glasses despite not having seen them before as Okiya Able to "predict Shiho and Akemi Miyano's moves" Likes bourbon whiskey. Left handed. The presence of Yukiko while Okiya was living in the Kudo house. Yukiko is good in disguise.
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    I KNOW DOUBLE POSTING IS NOT ALLOWED BUT I HAD TO UPDATE THIS THREAD. APOLOGIES. Well, a lot of people may be thinking that I do decent art, but that's sooooo not true. Why, you ask? It's because I spend my free time at school doing THIS with my buddy. These are some drawings I did when I used to play fashion designing competitions with my sister at the age of 10. It looks kinda weird with those HUGE eyes, but I was 10 back then so.... Here! This is the main thing that I wanted upload. I wanted you people to criticize as much as you can because I know something is wrong with it but I can't fix it. I tried fixing it like a million times!! Please help meee Sorry about the quality of the photos There was something wrong with the setting of the camera and I don't really know how to set it
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    *posted this to Facebook, figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to post it here too* There are users on Google Chrome who are saying that DCW is being blocked on their browser. I contacted Maurice and he said that the ad that is making Chrome flare up is what he will look into and try to remove it. Until then, I personally recommend installing one of the Google Chrome Adblock extensions (I recommend Adblock Plus), that way when you browse the site you don't load up any of the offending advertisements in question, making DCW OK to access while Maurice checks the issue out. You can bypass the warning by clicking "Advanced" and then clicking "Proceed at your own risk". There are people that don't have Adblock Plus that just go on the site anyway and aren't having any problems, but I would recommend using something like Adblock Plus. Thank you for your patience.
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    Let me go through a breakdown of each character... Mouri Ran - Karate Black Belt and captain of the HS Karate team. Is shown to be proficient at many kicks and physically very strong. Easily defeated when scared or unprepared. In competition she is probably very effective, but not so much in the real world. Mouri Kogorou - [likely] A Judo black belt. Sucked in competition, was great in practice. Also a former police detective, meaning he dealt with criminals on a regular basis. Has been shown to be proficient in a pinch, and has great reaction. He is a strong contender. Kazuha Toyama - Proficient in Aikido. The softest of the martial arts of the characters. Her abilities have been shown to be effective. Aikido is a fantastic defensive martial art. However lack of real world experience and lack of showing of her abilities make it difficult to put her in the running for best fighter. Perhaps she could become a contender with experience. Makoto Kyogoku - Same as Ran likely. However, unlike Ran seems to keep a cooler head and not let his emotions get the better of him in life threatening situations. He is undefeated in the ring, and has been shown to be highly effective in real world situations, even taking a knife to his arm and not blinking, to defeat his opponent. However, lack of real world experience is a detriment. He is however in the running due to the aforementioned bout with a criminal. (Also being able to dodge a bullet (not possible, but still worth noting for the purposes of this comparison)) Subaru Okiya - Okiya is Akai, that is pretty apparent now. That means he took FBI hand to hand training. He was considered a top agent and likely had extensive experience all over the world and training in the FBI hand to hand combat techniques from the FBI training facility in Quantico. He is the a top contender for best fighter, due to this, despite not seeing anything first hand. Masumi Sera - Jeet Kun Do practitioner. Now despite my own feelings about this "martial art" (I won't get into that now as it is irrelevant) it is probably the most effective of the chosen martial arts here. Mainly due to the philosophy of it, which is learn which is effective for you from various other martial arts, and take in what is most effective. Making a custom mixed martial art that accentuates the strengths of the practitioner and limits the weaknesses. Now naturally, if she learned the actual system that Bruce Lee devised, it is far less effective for her, mainly because it was designed for him, or whom he taught. There is only so much you can derive from that. If she took the essence of the system of which Bruce Lee devised it would make her a formidable foe. However, her lack of experience makes her hard to consider for "best." She is probably the best TEENAGED fighter of the bunch, just not overall. Miwako Sato - Easily the best of the MPD. She has training, and by the looks of it has street fighting experience. While her technique is not perfectly refined, she knows an array of techinques and strikes and is physically strong. She has the experience to back it up as well. Being taught the police hand to hand combat techniques, and from what we have seen, she goes for grappling to subdue (standard police protocol) when possible. Of not she just goes crazy with striking. She has high levels of experience and high levels of training. She is an extremely strong contender. Black Org Members - Well of the ones we have seen, it is likely that Gin, Bourbon and Vermouth are the most skilled in hand to hand. However, the amount of experience and skill they each have is completely unknown. Gin we know is tough as nails, shooting himself to not succumb to tranqs. Vermouth likely has training as an actress, and Bourbon likely as another top member who is active in the field also has experience. However, the lack of data makes it hard to come to any strict conclusion. It is possible that any of them could be stronger than anyone else. SO! Overall... The teenagers are all out. Fighting a seasoned fighter would doom them. They couldn't keep up, and likely the more experienced knows what will work and be most effective from first hand experience. So Ran, Kazuha, Makoto and Sera are all not the strongest (Did anyone really expect them to be?) Next is Kogorou... He has experience and training, but he is likely out of practice. That is the biggest detriment to him. If he was still active in the MPD he would likely be higher up there. BO are simply too unknown. It is possible, but for the purposes of this, not going to happen. Gin is definitely tough, but does that make him the best fighter? Possible, but I can't say for certain. Vermouth probably has formal training. And Bourbon as well. As they are all close quarter and covert operatives. Meaning they would all need to know how to deal with close quarter combat. Lack of information prevents any significant conclusion though. Then we finally come to Sato and Okiya. They are about the same in my book. I'd give the edge to Okiya due to rigor of training and international field work which would give him more experience. Also being trained in Quantico probably trumps the training facilities in Japan for the MPD. So in my opinion Okiya is best fighter in Detective Conan
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    Hello everyone! As you could have seen, the website has been down for the past few days. We've run into some issues and had to change host. As you probably noticed as well, the Watch section is currently unavailable. It seems that the site was becoming a little too "popular" for the "important" people and a DMCA was filed to our host regarding DCW. It seems that even though the videos are hosted on Youtube, the fact that we're linking to them on the site is enough to shout copyright infringement... Which is really odd judging by the activities of many popular anime and drama sites who openly embed 100x more videos! (including DC ones). My guess is that the site was ranking really well in Google (maybe too well?) and was attracting a lot of fans. If it was not that popular, I'm pretty sure we would not have had any issues to date. Therefore, I regret to inform you that the Watch section will be unavailable until further notice. I hope we can come up with a working solution in the future but I cannot promise anything at this time. I do believe that the Wiki is still one of the main features of DCW and as long as this stays, DCW will remain true to its goal of becoming the ultimate DC resource on the net! And I will keep working as hard as I can on improving and turning this site into a true DC reference and a great place for DC fans to hang out! I understand if you wish to stop supporting the site now that there are no more videos to watch but we will still always appreciate any support you wish to provide. You're more than welcome to stick around with us and show how big and strong the DC community can really be. The wiki, although far from complete, is right now the most comprehensive and complete library there is on the net about DC. We, at DCW, are really proud of how it turned out and that's definitely something big and worth sticking around for. And the more contributors, the merrier! To finish, I plan to add more features to the site in the future. So, watch out for them. ^^ I thank you all for your patience and support! A DC fan at heart, Maurice
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    With the latest Shonen Sunday comes the latest news about the new movie. We now have more information than ever about it, hence I shall start this new topic here. The title of the movie will be Private Eye in the Distant Sea, it will debut on April 20th, 2013, and will take place on a vessel, via Anime News Network: Image: http://www.manga-news.com/index.php/actus/2012/11/16/17eme-film-pour-Detective-Conan
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    I'm sure you can figure out who's who.
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    There you go, Shirayuki It's all yours xD
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    I didn't know you were a drug, AL. xP (couldn't resist, sorry. hehe)
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    Hi Everyone ! Well this is my first thread here and it will be my little corner I prefer sketching more than painting ,however I can use both I will show you some of my drawings as a beginning of my work in art Hoping that all of you will like it 1&2 = Len from vocaloid 3 = I found a little kitty picture and I thought if I can turn it into drawing Kitten (Lol) As you can see these drawings was on March 2013 So, I will be uploading my recent drawings here from now on Thanks in advance for watching my work Jouly ♥
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    So far I have not found any recording or whatever in Japanese, but the Chinese fan who attended the meeting on 2013.1.3 and originally reported the news above have translated many of Gosho's answers in one of his/her Weibo (微博) blog entries. He/she saved everything written as a very long image file rather than typing it out (possibly because there's a character limit). And since this is based on this person's memory only, he/she said that not every detail can be correct. And of course it means that not every Q&A can be remembered here. User/poster: Y大蟹酥Y Original link to the Weibo blog: http://weibo.com/u/1986450982 UNFORTUNATELY, to be able to gain access to Weibo, you must have an account, which I don't think anyone here does. The image and my crappy English translation can be viewed in the spoiler boxes below (I cropped it into 7 parts). DISCLAIMER: I don't own this image. Image source is on the bottom right corner of the last part. And just so you know, I don't even think I have the permission to post this thing, even though it seems to be meant for public view -__-"" ...