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  1. hello there sonoci!!!!

  2. sonoci welcome!

  3. sonoci welcome!

  4. Reposting from DCTP. Warning, it's kinda long xD
  5. sonoci sonoci sonoci sonoci sonoci sonoci sonoci~ <333

  6. Whatthe?! Sonoci from DCTP?

    I love your drawings! :o

  7. Thanks everybody \o/ Though things are a bit different here, I'm sure I'll get used to everything eventually. It may take time, though, as it did with DCTP : X I lurked there for a while before actually getting active, sooo :V
  8. Hello, another member here originally at DCTP :V The difference with me is that I can't figure out this message/reply/conversation system for the life of me. FFFFFFF I guess I also do a lot of "humorous" (debatable, ahaha) 4komas aka four paneled comics. ...and that's about it : X
  9. Sonoci \o/ Cool to see you here on DCW!

  10. Confuuuuuuuused

    1. Misaki-chan
    2. Parkur



      IT'S MY SONOCI! <33333

    3. sonoci


      Just about the way things work (like this for example) :X

  11. Hi! Welcome to DCW! Some info if you don't know already: Click on other members' display name - in my case, Cindy-Chen. Then scroll under "Friends" and type in the box called "Comments". If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

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