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  1. first of all, this topic actually inspired me to write an essay about how detective conan will end. second, I don't know if you've seen the "Make your own DC character" topic, buit there i posted this idea of where there turns out to be a relative to Yukiko called conan edogawa and is exactly like conan except he's the real thing... and shinichi asks him to come in his place when he retreives his body.
  2. 1st language: Arabic 2nd: English learning French at school, self-studying Japanese
  3. Did... you... actually... draw...that.... WOW
  4. cuz well... Google is pretty inaccurate, as far as I know. When I hear people using my language based on google or something I just laugh my head off.
  5. What would anormal teenaged girl call her grandmother in Japanese? I'm writing a story and need info. thnx!
  6. snowflake

    Manga anywhere?

    is tere a place that anyone knows of where i can read DC online? They dont sell manga in my country, so i feel so un-caught up whhen people talk about Sera and people who havent appeared yet in the anime.
  7. Thnx, Cindy-Chen! I'm completely new here and you have given me a warm welcome. That made me feel good :)

  8. *can someone please tell me what he thinks of my character?
  9. ok let's assume conan ends with Shinichi back in his normal body... he wouldn't want Auymi to get disappointed, right? What's His/Her name:Conan Edogawa (the real one) What's His/Her age:6-7 What grade/year is He/She(1st grade, 11th grade, college.etc):1st Is your character a boy or girl:boy What's His/Her nationality(American, French, Australian.etc):Japanese What type of character is He/She(Main Character, Supporting Character, Comic Relief.etc):An important character that appears at the end of the story Is He/She funny? If so how funny:Acts just like Conan Is he a good guy or bad guy:good guy Is he meant to BREAK Conan down or build him up:he is the real Conan What type of person is He/She(Nerd, Bully, Popular, Nice.etc):Just like conan What's His/Her IQ:Just like Conan Does He/She speak more than one language? If so what:Japanese and English Does He/She know martial arts? Which:No Does He/She carry around a weapon? Which:No Does He/She ride a vehicle(Car, Skateboard, Bike.etc):Conan's Skateboard Does He/She have a job:no Does He/She play an instrument? What:Whatever Conan can play Would He/She cry in the story? Why:no. What is He/She(Detective, Black Organization Member, FBI, CIA.etc):Edogawa Conan, Tantei sa! Does He/She have any fears:whatever Conan is scared of Is He/She In love with someone? Who:Yes, Ayumi Does He/She HATE someone? Who:Whoever Conan hates Is He/She afraid of someone? Who:Eri Kisaki and whoever Conan is afraid of Who is His/Her Idol:Sherlock Holmes Would He/She sacrifice Him/Her-self for someone? Who:Ayumi and Ran Does He/She have any special skills?(Martial Arts, Detective Skills.etc)If so What are they:Amazing deduction skills How is He/She relevant to the story:Takes the place of Conan as Conan when Shinichi turnsback to himself. The only difference between them is that this Conan has a passport, etc. that can prove he is Conan (he's the real one who just happened to exist), while Shinichi doesn't. Where is He/She from(If he/she is from Japan what part of Japan):Tokyo How Did He/She meet Conan and the others:He is Yukiko Kudo's distant relative Does He/She know Conan's identity? If so how did He/She find out:Yes, Shinichi asked him to come in his place to avoid any confusion from the detective boys. What makes Him/Her stand out in a crowd:His intelligence Does He/She die later on in the story? If so how:No What does He/She look like(Hair Color, Physique, Eye color.etc): •What color is His/Her hair:Exactly like Conan •How long is His/Her hair:Exactly like Conan •What is His/Her skin tone:Exactly like Conan •What is His/Her muscle toneExactly like Conan •Rate His/Her looks from 1-10:Exactly like Conan I would like to do the scenario, but that will take too muuch time... so hopefully I'll do it later.
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