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  1. What DC Episode is that in your sig? The one where Shin and Ran are on the railroad thing? I wanna watch it ;P. Thanks

  2. But aren't Conan's gadgets only used to compensate for his previous abilities as Shinichi. Ex: He's not as strong and nimble as his predecessor, so he uses gadget's to replicate said ability. Shinichi probably could defend himself when things get violent, but like I said, I think Dr. Agasa invents all these gadgets for Conan in order to make up the areas where he used to be proficient in. Shinichi's arrogance is tone down as a child because as Conan, he has to restrict a lot of his normal behavior from his 17 Year old self to avoid suspicion and inconsistency with his age. (I guess it would be awkward for Conan to retain his personality and mannerisms, especially around Ran)
  3. Naturally, they are the same person, but it's rather difficult to associate Conan as Shinichi sometimes because the two feel individually different. It may be just me, but I find Shinichi more captivating to watch than his younger counterpart. I know a lot of people can probably explain better than I can, but there's definitively something magnetic about Shinichi's screen presence that makes the scene feel more engaging and important. That was probably poorly written and there's probably a inconstancy error in this concept somewhere, but I'll ask anyway. Whose your favorite & Why? <3
  4. Thanks, I'm dling episode 57-58 as we speak. Btw, One more question, can you tell me how accurate is this list right here http://members.shaw.ca/makimura/DCN/EPS/DCNCRITEP.html I'm now following the guideline that you posted earlier but just wanna make sure that what I was using previously wasn't a waste ya know. Thanks.

  5. Don't wanna spoil what will most likely happen in the end.
  6. Ah I see. Thanks for the help. So it's probably gonna be awhile but I now have a directive of how I wanna watch the series now. You've been very helpful.

  7. It's a tie for 1st place between Gungrave, Bokura Ga Ita & Detective Conan. I just hope the anime series doesn't drag on in the years to come. I'm ecstatic on how it will it play out in the end. The curtain must fall someday, and when it does, Let's hope it all comes together, and leaves us satisfied with the conclusion.
  8. Ah I see Thanks :D. Yeah the community is great so far. I just hope I can keep up with you guys and contribute to discussions and stuff. Cause like 90% of the time I have no idea what people are talking about xDD.

  9. Hi so when does the OVA's and Movie's tie in with the anime? When should I start watching them. I'm on episode 54 right now though, so is there still new characters that I have to wait for it to make sense, like that Kaitou Kid guy and Ai bla bla.

  10. Btw, when should I start watching the OAV'S and movies? Should I watch it after certain characters are introduced, like that Kaitou Kid guy, Ai etc.

  11. This really helps! Thanks a lot! So basically I'll be caught up in the story (Anime wise) by watching the episodes in that order? Very informative, thanks again & extra thanks for the welcome guys. What are the episodes when Ran suspects Conan again? xD I wanna see it.
  12. Sup Guys, I just recently got into watching Detective Conan one day after searching long and hard for a new anime to watch since I caught up with the Fairy Tail anime in Japan. And all I can say is, I love it so far! But right now I'm using this as my Guideline and I'm not so sure if I'm heading on the right track because I've watched up to episode 49 on that list and there has been little to zero progress relative to the Black organization, Romance , Character Development, bla bla. I know it's a long anime but is it really necessary to watch 600+ episodes in order to grasp the story? It feels rather daunting xD. Should I skip the fillers or is there anything significant that I should be aware of?Anyway, I absolutely adore the Detective Conan universe, It's so freshening, from the Unique and sometimes grotesque Cases. Colorful cast of characters. And not to mention the timeless (and sad :[) love story between Shinichi and Ran But the pacing is kinda meh. It's just, this anime outshines other shows in a lot of ways but it's really hard to ignore the flaws because there really just in your face all the time. *Nobody ever seems to question Conan's high intelligence and deduction skills. *Ran's Gullible nature, I mean really, how has a pair of glasses successfully thrown her off for so long. Look through some old photos of Shinichi and just piece two & two together >.< The list goes on and on. Sorry if my introduction sounds abrasive in anyway. I still have a strong interest in this show and the community. So I'm glad to have been the 8,366th member to join here. So yeah. haha. Anyway, thanks for reading & nice to meet you. K Bye. <3
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