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  1. yowh!! come online sometime!! i love shinran too!! ^.^

  2. Boyfriend is cute ^^ I'm not a crazy fan for anyone or any bands specially, just like the songs, the dance...

  3. You're welcome and yeah I'm quite a big fan of Korean and Japanese idol but I dislike some of them!! The Korean band Boyfriend is the 1 music artist/band ever that have turned me to a crazy fan:P * some how feel stupid but can't stop it*

  4. I always love ShinRan. It's still a long way to go till the end. Hope they could be together and happy ever after :x
  5. I've wathched the raw. I've read manga so I can somehow understand the episode. It's really amazing :x Anyway, I 'm waitng for the english sub ^^
  6. Hi, thanks for your welcome :) You seem like Korean artists. I also love some of them :D

  7. Thanks for your welcome ^^

  8. hello!! welcome to DCW!! keep that faith for ShinRan! ;)

  9. I saw spoiler in youtube. It seems to be the final part, Hope to watch the full movie soon.
  10. I'm really looking forward to this movie. M-15 is so great
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