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  1. yowh!! come online sometime!! i love shinran too!! ^.^

  2. Boyfriend is cute ^^ I'm not a crazy fan for anyone or any bands specially, just like the songs, the dance...

  3. You're welcome and yeah I'm quite a big fan of Korean and Japanese idol but I dislike some of them!! The Korean band Boyfriend is the 1 music artist/band ever that have turned me to a crazy fan:P * some how feel stupid but can't stop it*

  4. SR4ever

    Shinichi's confession to Ran

    I always love ShinRan. It's still a long way to go till the end. Hope they could be together and happy ever after :x
  5. SR4ever

    Kaitou Kid Special Episode 4 Preview

    I've wathched the raw. I've read manga so I can somehow understand the episode. It's really amazing :x Anyway, I 'm waitng for the english sub ^^
  6. Hi, thanks for your welcome :) You seem like Korean artists. I also love some of them :D

  7. Thanks for your welcome ^^

  8. hello!! welcome to DCW!! keep that faith for ShinRan! ;)

  9. SR4ever

    Movie 15, "Quarter of Silence"

    I saw spoiler in youtube. It seems to be the final part, Hope to watch the full movie soon.
  10. SR4ever

    What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    Kimi to zutto by YuYu ^^
  11. SR4ever

    News for Movie 16?

    I'm really looking forward to this movie. M-15 is so great