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  1. Yeah that's why I like Drake, he can sing and rap, RnB is good for the soul here and there...
  2. Ha ha ha yes people say that all the time, I respect your judgement...
  3. FresnoPrince


    My bro got me alittle into it, cool to play when I'm bored, new updates should make it more interesting...
  4. From what I see alot when I go to anime conventions, there's not many hip-hop or rap fans, so anime and rap music dont match lol, so am I wierd cuz I love anime but but favorite genre of music is rap??? Here's some of my favorite artist: -Drake -Wiz Khalifa -Eminem -Big Sean -Chris Brown -Rihanna -Kid Cudi -(to throw in a screamo band for the heck of it) Bring me the Horizon
  5. Thanks to a great friend I got to see Spurted Away, and from there I seen princess mononoke and howls moving castle, and the only one I own is castle in the sky...
  6. Yes, Fall for you and your call...
  7. I'm not gonna lie I'm a glee fan, I like cover songs and I'm more into hip hop and glee opens a little more genre of music to me, plus I'll marry Quinn anyday
  8. I wish I had the knowledge of everything... Knowledge is power!
  9. Hey! A warm welcome to DCW!

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