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  1. It could be either of them (Sera or Sonoko). Chapter 828, Sera needed to go to the bathroom. Sonoko told her to go the second floor restroom instead. Ran asked Sonoko when did she go to the bathroom. Sonoko said during the tour. Kid could be Sonoko in disguised while the real one is in the main floor bathroom. That's why Sonoko told her to use a different Bathroom. The Reason I would think Kid is Sera is. Because In chp. 829, Sera noticed the Winch in the Ceiling that was connected with the strings in the carpet. Usually when Sera notice something or give her opinion, she always states it and even though she sure of it. She always look towards Conan for conformation. Right Conan- kun Example: Chp. 828 with Sonoko's Can trick. Other than that Sonoko seem to be Kid. Well there are my wild guesses lol. But yeah. To add on. Chev. I didn't notice before about Sera being confused about being grouped with Ran and Sonoko. Now that I think about in Chp. 829 the mystery person was tied up in the man bathrooms (well at least their were guys exiting the restroom). Maybe Kid did think Sera was a boy.
  2. Success never depends on the size of our BRAIN. It always depends on the size of our THOUGHTS Good Morning Everyone

  3. I declared my love for Akai today. Awesome! B)

    1. Chekhov MacGuffin

      Chekhov MacGuffin

      Just make sure he isn't trying to use you to infiltrate the secret Organization your sister works for.

    2. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      Pshhh~ He'd never do THAT..... would he? xD

  4. Wake up everyday stronger than yesterday, face your fears and wipe your tears.

  5. I changed my vote to subaru okiya/akai from makoto kyogoku. I don't know why but to me Akai is so awesome. jinpei matsuda was pretty looking but I can't keep my eye off Akai. Long or short hair Akai is FINE! :cool: Cool glasses time.
  6. Have to wait for a new fansub team or start a petition to have funimation English sub the episodes since it is cheaper than english dub. Which equals cheaper DVD sets. I would buy any version of Detective Conan/Case Closed. I wouldn’t mind english dub or sub. Most likely the next fansub group will be shut down as well. SIGN TO SAVE? Petition to Save Series in the U.S. TWEET OR FACEBOOK OR REPOST
  7. I think it is the lady with the coffee so I voted for Tsukihara Kaori. I bet Kogoro makes his extra hot then usual. So about time he gets done reading the paper it will still be semi warm. I don't know just guessing. I think warm up your coffee to twice the temperature would it make it hot longer. lol I'm weird.
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