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About me

Soo instead of a boring introduction to who I am let's play a game~!


Yeah, you heard me a GAME.

This is called the Alphabet Game.

For each letter of the alphabet I'll give a word or thing that describes me and maybe explain why.


A- Anime-freak. Don't question it, though I do have a thing for Korean Dramas as well..

B- Band. I play the flute ^_^

C- Cerulean. My favorite shade of blue, Azure is a close second (;

D- Daydreamer. I Daydream, A LOT. One of the most creative people you'll ever meet :D

E- Energetic. I get hyper ..

F- Funny. That's what I'm considered by my friends~! They say I'ma silly person :)

G- Girly. At home only, not at school. You could say I have a split-personality

H- Hungry. I'm always hungry (^_^U) But I'm still skinny >:D

I- Independent. I do my own work, try not to rely on other all the time ..

J- Joker. I'm silly person ..?

K- Kimmosaur. I'm proud to say I made up that word all on my own. Mixture of Dinosaur and my name Kimberly. Rawr is my favorite word and dinosaurs go 'rawr' ?

L- Lazy. I get REALLY lazy :l

M- Musical. I live with music, there shall always be a song to describe how I feel..

N- Neat. I'm not exactly organized but I have neat handwriting~! :P

O- Oddball. I've always been an odd child *shrugs*

P- Perfectionist. I got this trait from my mom, perfection does not exist but I won't stop fixing something until it's in my range of expectations.

Q- Quiet. I can be really shy if I don't know you so well..

R- Romantic. I can be such a cupid. I like romance, spicy ingredient that has more than one flavor to it..

S- Smart. I'm considered the smart one, simple enough?

T- Taller. Not tall, TALLER. I want to be taller, I'm not short but I'm not satisfied with my height >.<

U- Understanding. I can be a sweet angel when I feel like it, I show this side to the few people I know I could trust not to take advantage of me.

V- Vietnamese. A proud Asian :D

W- Wonder. I'm a weirdo too. But I wonder about a lot of things, even the most simplest things we are so used to, don't you ever question it? Maybe it's better not to know everything.

X- X-ray. I can see right through that fake smile. Don't lie to me about your feelings because I can see right through you.

Y- Yams. I like to eat the sweet purple Vietnamese yam.

Z- Zepher. It's meaning is similar to wind. I can come and go like the wind ~


Well, hopefully you've got an idea of what kind of person I am :D

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