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  1. You know you live in Florida when you’re planning an event in the middle of December, and you have to factor in how hot it will get.

  2. Doodle Adventure What is Doodle Adventure? It’s simply an Adventure with Doodles! Think of it like an Illustrated Role Playing Game. Create a character to represent you and join the world. The stories and adventures are all up to you! Whether you draw with a tablet, by hand, or even in Paint, the world expands with each picture. Have fun! At the moment there are no rules. You can use any medium you choose, and anyone can join and leave whenever they choose!
  3. It's called Detective Conan: The Missing Professor and the Spot-the-Difference Tower for the Nintendo Ds. Here's a link to the wiki page: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Detective_Conan:_The_Missing_Professor_and_the_Mistaken_Tower_Search
  4. *Fails to dodge, covered in Tuna juice.* *Throws a cat that was attracted by the smell*
  5. One thing that would always pique my interest is how the manga and anime would differ in showing the crime scenes. When the manga showed a murder there would usually be blood splatters, and a pool of blood flowing. However, in the anime, the gore would be hidden in the shadows, or the angle of the scene would obscure the battle wounds (Or not even drawn in at all). I thought it would be interesting to take the murder pictures from the anime (I used the ones in the wiki) and compare them to their counterparts in the manga! Episode 1 Episode 3 Episode 36
  6. This seems to be the only other one I saved.
  7. A while ago I was playing Detective Conan: The Missing Professor and the Spot-the-Difference Tower for the Nintendo DS. This game is a ‘find the difference game’. I didn't play very much but some of the differences they had you find were quite challenging… Then this little gem popped up. This is legit. Can you spot the difference?
  8. Bummer! Well thanks for tge info, I'll make sure to check out the few pages I can
  9. Hey Guys! Is the regular detective Conan manga the only available form of written Detective Conan Media online? I currently have all the English released Case Closed Volumes so I wanted to try some of the books not available in the US. This would include the Detective Conan Special Manga, the novels, heck even the elementary educational books Am I completely missing them or are they non-existent online?
  10. I know how it is. Even though I made this, it's harder then I thought. I'm trying not to repeat the same person to many times but Anita and Vermouth keep popping up
  11. Thanks for all the positive feedback! I had the same thought process on my facebook friends, but I decided "Screw it" lol. So if they complaine about it, I'll just set the albulm that the pictures are in to custom and hide it from them :3
  12. I see alot of 30 day challenges for sites such as Facebook and Tumblr, however I couldn't seem to find a Detective Conan challenge... So I made one myself I tried to make it generic so both new comers and super fans can both enjoy it! Let me now if you use it and Have Fun Detective Conan / Case Closed 30 Day Challenge! Day 1. When did you start reading or watching Detective Conan and what was your first case? Day 2. Who your favorite male character? Day 3. Who is your favorite female character? Day 4. Who is your favorite police inspector? Day 5. Who is your favorite Black Organization member? Day 6. Who is your favorite member of the Detective Boys? Day 7. What is your favorite case? Day 8. What is your least favorite case? Day 9. What is your favorite movie or TV special? Day 10. What is your least favorite movie or TV special? Day 11. If you could have any of Conan’s gadgets, which would it be? Day 12. Besides Ran, who is your favorite pairing for Conan? Day 13. If you could get rid of one character from the series who would it be? Day 14. Which minor character do you wish had more screen time? Day 15. What is your favorite Detective Conan Song? Day 16. Ok Super Sleuth; Name a case you solved before Conan did! Day 17. What is your favorite pairing that doesn’t involve Conan? Day 18. Name a case where you sympathized with the murderer. Day 19. You’ve been given a dose APTX 4869, and have shrunken to the size of a first grader for 24 hours. How do you spend your day? Day 20. Put yourself in the victim’s shoes. Name a murder case that you would most hate to be the victim of. Day 21. Besides Detective Conan, name another detective series you enjoy. Day 22. Your favorite non-black organization villain has just escape from jail to cause more havoc. Who was it? Day 23. A toy company wants to make a talking Conan action figure, and they want you to decide what three quotes he will say. What quotes would you choose? Day 24. What was your least favorite villain confession? Day 25. Kaito Kid is at it again! What is your favorite Kaito Kid moment? Day 26. What series would you love to see Detective Conan have a cross over with? Day 27. “I learned it in Hawaii!” Which of Conan’s many talents would you love to have? Day 28. Do you prefer the manga or the anime? If the anime, do you go with Subs or Dubs? Day 29. If you could meet any one person involved with the Detective Conan series, such as voice actors, artists or even the writer, who would you choose and what one question would you ask them? Day 30. Detective Conan has had a great run. How would you end the series?
  13. h++p://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/manga1o.jpg/ h++p://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/546/manga2.jpg/ Volume 14 is hardcover so it always sticks up like that. It really screws with my OCD XD
  14. Hey guys! I've been a lurker for awhile now and finally decided to join... Detective Conan has been a part of my life ever since i watched my first episode. It was called "Prickly Past". Anyways I've been trying to avoid spoilers but as we all know, you cant survive on the Internet XD So vie been reading the manga then following along in the anime! My mana collection consists of 1-14, 29, and 32-39 if anyone is interested XD Well I hope to meet a lot of fun Conan fans here and be able to talk about one of my pickest fandoms!
  15. Thanks for the friendly welcome :3

  16. Pezdude


    I was suprised to find out that Super-Intendent Akechi turned out to be Grey Haired... I thought he was a total blond... It really bugged me; Ha ha!
  17. Pezdude


    I've been trying to get a collection going for this series but the prices some people are asking for them are outrageous! I currently have volumes 1,5, and 15. But I have also borrowed The undying butterfly from a friend! My copy of 15 is ripped and torn because it was an old library copy. I was able to make my through it but I wish it was in better condition... (For example some of the corners are ripped off) However is hardcover which i found pretty cool :3 All and all I love the series! I love how that have the character charts in each chapter that marks off the recently killed suspects! As for the cases themselves, I love the detail that goes into the murders breakdowns, and back stories!
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