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  1. If you'll ever login again, there is a hug for you *hugs*

  2. turn out well?* ^^'

  3. sorry for the late reply.. I'm now back home. So did the roof-repair turn out? ^^

  4. haha ^^ sure thing, ate-chan (not joking) <33

  5. still working at the farm?

  6. still working at the farm?

  7. Hi there.. sorry, I'm off visiting my grandpas and have no connection. And I'm doing fine, how about you?

  8. Mia Ehru

    LGBTQA+ Community

    I'm so glad you could get it off your chest Akako-chan. Confessing your sexuality openly to your parents isn't an easy thing to go through. That... I can tell. But as CC said, it isn't easy for them either. Not because they've been raised in a different environment or because it might be slightly easier for them to be more open-minded or understanding when it comes to others' matters except for when it comes to face their own daughter's, but because it's their feelings towards you we're talking about as well. And with this I'm not actually telling you that you're at fault for not realizing what they might be feeling, but that all of you are going through a confusing period. And it just can't be helped.. It is as hard to admit as to assume. Because, let's put it bluntly, being gay isn't an easy thing to face. It's never been. You need a whole buch of strength and confidence, but most importantly... of support and love. And what could seem to be uncomprehension by your parents' response at first, could as well just be they way of caring and worrying about you. I'm not going to go on and tell you it's definitely that but.. it might be. It was in my case. And so I thought.. it could be in yours. If I could say something out of my own experience, I would say "be yourself". Don't have fear of who you are, because the people who truly love you will be right by your side, no matter what..
  9. hi there! welcome and thanks for the add ^^

  10. Yay! I am ^^ Btw, enjoy your stay in Bcn :)

  11. Hi there! Recently I tried a new software ("AdBlock") and it kind of reminded of your topic about the dodgy ads. It works perfectly well so if you want to, try it out ^^ Just saying.. take care :)

  12. hi there! I noticed you're new so welcome ^^ and thanks for the add as well :)

  13. Mia Ehru

    Depression Club

    Most likely what happened was those rumors got the best of the whole situation.. Say.. did you confess yourself or did you ask a friend to do so on your behalf? Whatever way it may have happened, I'd say the best thing you can do right now is try to fix what's happened. And I'm not going to tell you to leave everything as it is by letting people talk freely about it as they please. You may have not face it earlier, but if you want the situation to calm down and slowly remain just an issue between you and her, you should face it right now. It will be scary, yet not doing this might just worsen things all over again. Moving on is not the right solution yet. You haven't done something you should be ashamed of. Your feelings haven't been properly "answered" because of the way things have gone so far. So.. If I were you, I'd approach her on my own (with noone accompanying you)when she's not necessarily alone but with a few people or a couple of friends and I'd try to talk to her. Sincerely. Tell her that you didn't want your feelings for her to turn into a mess. That you couldn't help avoiding rumors spreading when you just tried to approach her and tell her about it. That you're sorry and that if the best you can do for her right now is move on, you'll try your best to do so. And with that.. you might be really be able to move on peacefully, like someone who just tried to confess his feelings to somebody who he loved and didn't mean any harm to. But don't give up until you've heard a proper answer.. Just.. give it your all, ok? You really can do it. It certainly has been a while.. Hope you're ok as well and talk to you soon some day for a while <333 Not a psychiatrist but a psychologist maybe. I did for a while.. the truth is I'm really into psychology itself, and just end up reading and watching all sort of books, manga, films and series drama or psychology-related.
  14. Mia Ehru

    Depression Club

    Well.. it's a tough thing to go through. Have you tried talking about it with anyone yet? Especially with someone close to you who knows about it. It's a good thing to talk about these things for a bit, it's more fullfilling than trying to relieve yourself temporary. Needless to say, I'm all ears, but I know there might not be that confidence you might have with a friend of yours or somebody who you're familiar with. To find something, that something must have been created in the first place.. That's why, I'd say finding and creating yourself go hand in hand. There's a point in our lives when we "awake". When we are children we aren't really aware of who we're becoming. We just learn and keep on living until one day, sooner or later, we realize that who we are and who we want to be is in our very own hands, that our own lives are just ours. Then, if you've gotten into a point where you don't know who you're or were, recreate and find yourself once again. Restart. Become... who you want to be. Once you feel comfortable with yourself.. you'll be able to find happiness in being with others once again.
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