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  1. Well, it's kinda boring since aside from the episodes with the B.O. or Kid, we see nothing but murder cases which are quite similar...DC is just...too...long...when will it ever end?

  2. =V

    Well, I guess DC itself isn't so famous these days

  3. It sure has taken over your life on FFN. =D

  4. Nope. I'm too busy with life...

    And I can't relate to him and the rest at all...


  5. Well, I'm not 100% sure

    I haven't talked to him in a year either but based on his fb status... oh well, just read his member title.

    And I'm not sure if they've ever even met in person, since they are many islands apart.. but anyway...that's none of our business, ne? =V

  6. :grin:

    I guess I just dropped by to check on you and KtPT and KKLT and whoever else I could recognize here...but basically DCW feels like a museum full of ghosts of the past... T_T

  7. I'm guessing...Hetalia forums?

  8. Aww...

    But hey, DCW has been pretty helpful for some..

    like for instance, as far as i know, some of the Filipino members of DCW and DCTP have already met in person...

    And I think MM has a girlfriend from DCTP...


    About P-charm's status, I know absolutely nothing... =|

  9. Yeah..Dcw feels like a convent now...an empty room filled with ghosts of the past...

    *Sigh* I miss MM. I miss P-charm. I miss my twins. And I rarely see Ktpt around. *sigh*

    I can't believe i became 2nd top poster 2day with ONLY 8 POSTS!!! the number of posts each day are reallllllly low

  10. what happened? I thought you used to love posting Tons of Stuff around here. (no pun intended)

  11. Aww...poor you. trying to translate coded conversations. just like the good old times when MM and I and MKK and P-charm would chat... =V

    But that was a LONG time ago...

  12. actually, ang una q sanang gustong hanapin ay ung mga noypi dito..eh, ayun. bihira din pala magparamdam sina nikko, kiko, at faye...un ung palagi kong nakakachat dati... =V

    kaya para akong naninibago sa dcw kc di q na cla nkakausap. ='(

  13. uhh..sa pagkakaalam ko, close lang ako kina nikko, faye, kiko, lovestruck, KtPT, at ikaw...di q mashadong kaclose ung iba...

  14. *looks around*

    OO nga! tayong dalawa lang! ang lungkot naman... =(

    walang nanggugulo. =V

  15. =V

    It's not. We're practically self-destructing.

    So, are you still active on DCW these days?

  16. =V Learn to move on. Life is precious, we can't waste our time crying over spilled milk. =V
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