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Status Updates posted by Amaranth

  1. I wonder if my twins are still around...Hmm...

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    2. hopes



    3. Parkur


      o hey you're alive

    4. Amaranth
  2. Whoaw. I reactivated my account. OHOHOHOHOHO!!!

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    2. BK201


      PARTY PARTY! \o/

    3. Erza Scarlet

      Erza Scarlet

      if I know, hindi mo naman talaga nakalimutan pw mo. HAHAHAHA :P

    4. Amaranth


      actually, nkalimutan q cya. ngayon q lang sinubukang ireset. effective naman! Boom!

  3. Paalam na sa inyo! Maraming salamat sa lahat. <3 *hugs*

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    2. A L

      A L

      Seriously -_____-

    3. -The Rising Angel-

      -The Rising Angel-

      Probably something about leaving...

    4. conankoibito


      Why do you have to leave!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Summer Memories~ of DCW... <3

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    2. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      =X I miss those times.

    3. Amaranth
    4. Lovestruck


      Next Summer would be even better. I assure you, people.

  5. ...searching for a beta, this time one who can handle an Akako-centric fic...

    1. hopes


      owo *casually raises a hand*

    2. Amaranth


      ^I kinda saw that coming. OHOHOHOHO!!!

      Btw...I'll think about it. =D

    3. hopes
  6. After all has been said and done, I now have the courage to look forward to a brighter tomorrow...

    1. Amaranth


      You changed my life and now I can truly be happy...

    2. Amaranth


      ..And Live With No Regrets.

  7. Whoaw, the forum looks absolutely cool!

    1. Lovestruck


      Facebook-cool? Maybe.

  8. Finally was able to reset my password after what, four or five years?

    1. Magic Kaito.

      Magic Kaito.

      o:  Welcome Baaaaaack !!! WB_zpsq5ecxcfn.png

  9. Hi there! Welcome to DCW!

  10. My pleasure! Hope you have fun here!

  11. It's fun here! It feels great to interact with people like you. ^^

  12. It's great to talk with those who don't call you weird just because you love DC.

  13. Thanks, really. You were the first one to message me when I joined this site. ^^

  14. No-chan? *cringes*

    Just call me Amaranta-chan.

  15. I'm fine, thank you. Well, I'm here studying...and posting...and thinking of ideas for my stories.

  16. Ama-chan will do. XD

  17. Thanks for adding me!

  18. Hi, welcome! Enjoy and make lots of friends here!

  19. You're talking to nobody?

  20. Dunno. That place is frozen in time.

    But here it's 21:30

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