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    New signature that I just made, CnC and rate.
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    Hello, um I'm new here and I stopped reading all the comments after page 16 . So if someone already stated what I shall state now. I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure I'm dead wrong too but whatever. I think boss is....dundundun. Kuroba Toichi. :shock: Cuz I remember someone posting that Vermouth said the boss is "always careful to the extreme". Toichi was a man that double then tripled check his magician equipment. He could have faked his death in order to get off Snake's radar. He could've killed Snake with his organization but maybe snake and his organization still had some use to him. ((Under the assumption that the two organizations are different)) Vermouth being his favorite wouldn't be that surprising, considering that she was Sharon Vineyard and learned about disguises under him. He would trust her the most in my opinion. And Gosho said Ai would be surprised. And Gosho is the type of man that doesn't reveal too much. I mean he couldn't have said "the boss is someone that would surprise Kaito the most" that will make it too obvious right? Maybe there is more that Gosho hasn't told us about Haibara and her past. Maybe she or her family somehow knew Toichi and would be surprised if she found out he was still alive. And with the current files right now. Gosho had somewhat formally introduced Kaito into BO matters. And there had to be a reason for it. Epic Father-son reunion lol. And with the immortality things. I think this will somehow tangle with Pandora. ((Haha, I have no idea what I'm saying anymore. I have the guy but no facts to support))I'll go into more detail if people want me too. Anyway that is my half-formed deduction that will most likely not happen at all.
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