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  1. So episodes 18 and 19 are about the Golden Eye heist. How are they going to explain Hakuba's suspicions? Way to screw up the timeline beyond repair, A-1.
  2. Well to people that haven't watched Detective Conan before, they would have no idea how Conan and Kid had previously met. So either A1 is going to do a condensed flashback of the black star case in the middle of the episode (since I've heard the Ryoma case has another episode in line) or they will take the AO route and start changing things around. Honestly, I don't know which one would work out better :/
  3. The upcoming episodes are as followed: Nov 15th- "Kuroba Kaito's Busy Date" (Chapter 4) EDIT: Nov 22nd - "The Adult's Curse" (The episode actually reveals that it is based off of Chapter 10 and Chapter 12) Nov 29th- Phantom Lady (Chapters 29-30) Dec 6th - Phantom Lady cont. and Battle for Ryoma's Treasure (MK Chapter 29-30 and Detective Conan files 732-733)
  4. I think there's a possibility that it might be another Kid movie. From the movie patterns so far, Kid movies are usually every 3-5 movies (with the exception of Movie 10) so movie 18 will be the fourth year since 14.
  5. Wow, that sounds cool! What else did you get? :)

  6. thank you :D I actually got a Conan necklace today. :3

  7. thank you :D I actually got a Conan necklace today. :3

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