Yasutoshi Murakawa

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Yasutoshi Murakawa

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: May 31, 1971 (48 years old)
Place of birth: Shibuya, Tokyo
Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

Yasutoshi Murakawa (村川 康敏 Murakawa Yasutoshi?), from Gunma, is a Japanese screenplay writer. He was a student of Hiroshi Kashiwabara, Takuya Nishioka and Yumiko Inoue and is a member of the Japan Writers' Guild.

Scenarios Written

Number of case scenarios written : 4 (4 episodes)

Other Notable Works


  • Golgo 13 : Screenplay
  • Leather Bee (4 episodes) : Screenplay


  • Puka Puka Juju : Screenplay
  • Wangan Midnight the Movie : Screenplay
  • Psycho Shark : Screenplay
  • OneChanbara : Screenplay
  • Tokyo Burnout : Screenplay


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