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Age: 22
Gender: Male
First appearance: 5th May 2017
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I'm a catalan user, fan of Detective Conan since I can remember.


Fan of Detective Conan since I discovered it thanks to the catalan television, about fifteen years ago. A few years ago I discovered this page and, as soon as I found one mistake, I logged in and corrected it. I've occasionally been doing so since then.

What do I do[edit]

My contributions to this wiki can be classified into two main categories: the ones related to the "appearances pages" and the ones related to the catalan dub. Random corrections outside this categories can also be found in my contributions list.

Favourite characters[edit]

Favourite episodes[edit]

Anyone which casts one or more of the aforementioned characters.

More information[edit]

Shinichi Kudo.jpg This user is Male.
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