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Japanese name: 山本 作乃(やまもとさくの)
English name: SAKUNO,Thea(Original)
Gender: Female
Date of birth: October 7,1997
Relatives: Not Mentioned
Nicknames: CKB(for short)

Thea-chan(Tna Uchiha) Koi-chan(Kid the Phantom Thief) CK(Amaranth) SAKUNO(usual,pen name) Thea(Some filipino members who saw me)


First appearance: February 08,2011
Appearances: Every 10-15 minutes everyday

Conankoibito is a member of the forum joined last February 05,2011 with the username aichanmiranda but suddenly changed her account name to conankoibito.Her goal is to go to Japan and many other countries with an adventurous culture. Her favorite character on Detective Conan is Ai Haibara and Conan Edogawa but she doesn't ship any couples from the well-known Anime.


Conan Koibito was born in Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines on October 7, 1997.


Describing Her

She is an anime otaku, and is Happy-Go-Lucky sometimes. She used to have many friends in real life. She always feel lonely because on school,She was the only people who is watching Anime addictedly. She is an Internet addict, and is currently registered in several social networking sites.[1]According to her friends, she is childish and weird because of speaking Japanese every time. She gets embarrassed when teased by her classmates, something which happens quite often.


She is a fan of JPOP and KPOP. She discovered both way back in September 2009. She is inspired with the musics of Girls' Generation,Wonder Girls,Nana Mizuki,Fudanjuku,AKB48,LiSA and so on.

On free times


Conankoibito has a twitter account, but she often changes it because she is not sure what she wants to call herself. She uses three languages in her account with moderate English, basic Kanji and Hiragana Japanese and some Filipino which she often uses in conversations. Literally, her bio is with Japanese characters describing the animes that she like most.


Drawing serves as a pastime. Sometimes she does makes clumsy drawings, but others say that her drawing skill is not very good.


She has written a story with 7 parts in a series and a total of 62 chapters in both Japanese and English versions.

Voice Acting:

For the story she wrote, she used to voice the main character "Abegail" and her love interest "Jhon" which has not been too difficult for her. She usually dubs on singing and Animes.On her Youtube,the most played by the viewers was her 1st version of "Detective Conan Episode 400" that reached 3,300+ views[2] on Japanese dub herself.

Best-known Anime

Aside from Detective Conan, being an otaku is not restricted to only 1 anime. In pursuit of her as a dream to become a Seiyuu someday,she is very addicted to all kinds of anime, but just like every other otakus,She prefer to love and understood what other Anime characters express,Comedy,Fantasy,Romance and a little bit of scary-like things..

She can speak?


She is from Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines. Rizal is a province in region 4-A called CALABARZON. She is fluent in the Filipino language, but not the deeper words not in everyday use.


She only know a moderate amount of English, but as a Filipino, English is a must! As of now, she performs well in her English subject, but if she is in a bad mood, she uses wrong grammar.


Like every Filipino, She is well aware when the Japanese conquered Philippines and even her parents tease her. But she is a moderate speaker with 500+ known Kanji. She was learning Japanese since she was on 6th Grade.


She can write the alphabet and she can only pronounce and understand some words.

Filipino Chatroom and Classroom

Conankoibito was one of the first Filipinos to suggest this forum. It was finally created by Patronus Charm whom she calls neechan. Conankoibito was originally not very active on the forum, and often she judges whether the poll is serious or plain weird.

Relationship Analysis

Detective Kaoko

Detective Kaoko is conankoibito's japanese teacher in the forum. She calls Detective Kaoko "Kaoko-tantei-san" which is the Japanese term for Detective Kaoko's username.

Tna Uchiha

She was the first person on the site to guide conankoibito around.

Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

Main Article:Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

She and KKLT were classmates in Japanese Ken where Detective Kaoko teaches Japanese and soon there blossomed a good friendship between them. Conankoibito calls her "Kai-chan", and Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief calls her "Koi-chan".


A friend from Facebook and Twitter who became a truly close friend of hers. Conankoibito met her on the first Detective Conan Screening(1-day free admission)for a short time.


Main Article:Nobody

A fellow Filipino who lives in the same city as her but in spite of this, the two have never met.

Moonlight Magician

Main Article: Moonlight Magician

Conankoibito treats Moonlight Magician as a unique personality; she is unsure whether this guy acts like Heiji or Kaitou KID.

Patronus Charm

Main Article:Patronus Charm

Founder of the Filipino Classroom and Chatroom and great friend to all.


One of the members conankoibito met. Monsi is one of the filipino members who encouraging her to sub Detective Conan.


One of conankoibito's cosplayer inspirations. RAR and conankoibito met each other too.


Conankoibito treats her as a big sister. She even confessed that Melai-chan and her aunt do look alike.

Co-Filipino Forum Members

Conankoibito became close with some of the members from DCW and DCTP. She already met some of the forum members last 2012. At first,she feels nervous because of what other members say to her,but then,became close to each other. Conankoibito was one of the most youngest among the Filipino Members. While she is on Highschool, Everyone attends college and some were already working. ^^

Experiences with them

  • First Filipino Forum Members Meet-Up.

(with/ Monsi,Melai-chan,Redangelran,Excelsior and Eunyx of DCTP)

  • First Detective Conan Movie Screening"Philippine-Japan Friendship Day".

(w/Melai-chan,Redangelran,harrieth.dc,Angelranchan,queen misanagi,Excelsior etc.)

  • Best of Anime 2012 (Philippine Anime Convention)

(w/bluekaitou1412,queen misanagi,Excelsior,Eunyx)


  • Conankoibito has 7 accounts on the social-media network "Facebook".
  • Conankoibito has a phobia of all medium and large-sized animals.
  • Conankoibito is addicted to Japanese items.
  • Conankoibito is an OTAKU.
  • Conankoibito discovered Detective Conan World in the last week of January 2011.
  • Conankoibito joined Detective Conan World on February 2011.
  • Conankoibito was previously known as aichanmiranda.
  • Conankoibito is a Girls' Generation avid fan.
  • Conankoibito is a song dubber.
  • Conankoibito has joined only two Detective Conan Forums.
  • Conankoibito has a great fear of Mice and Cockroaches.
  • Conankoibito is practicing to be a Voice Actor.
  • Conankoibito is a High School.
  • Conankoibito is a Japanese Moderate.
  • Conankoibito can memorize a dance in only 4-5 days. (It depends if the dance is not so hard to memorize.)

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