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Dark Blizzard
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Blizzard
Discord: Dark_Blizzard#9100

Hello! Welcome to Blizzard's page. Blizz is one of the administrators of the wiki. The plot of Detective Conan got him excited when he was introduced to the series. That combined with the likable characters, some awesome cases, and Gosho's laughs, made this into one of his favorite series.

Feel free to contact him on the talk page or on Discord. Thanks for visiting this page and have a nice day!


Blizzard is rather pretty new to Detective Conan considering how many have been following the series for over a decade. Checkout his timeline below.

   2007             Introduced to Detective Conan by a very short dub in local language
                    forgets about Conan (^^;)
        Dec         Reintroduced to the series
                    Catching up with the anime and manga
                    Joins the G+ community and the subreddit
        Feb 19      Joined DCEN Discord server
        Jun 22      Joined Detective Conan World
        Jul 9       First edit in the wiki    
        Feb 1       Became a wiki admin


Few of his main contributions to the wiki are-

  • maintaining the Animal Crossing hints page
  • updating the character and gadget appearances page
  • creating Gallery page for new anime episodes
  • adding the broadcast rating for new episodes

See the full list of contributions here


  • Hates anime originals. XD
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