Terumi Arai

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Terumi Arai

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Japanese name: 新井 輝海
(Arai Terumi)
Age: 16-17[1]
Gender: Female
Occupation: High school student
First appearance: Tell Me A Lie

Terumi Arai (新井 輝海 Arai Terumi?) is the protagonist of Gosho Aoyama's short one shot Tell Me A Lie, which is her only appearance so far.


Terumi Arai is a girl attending the second year of an unnamed high school, who is able to read other people's minds, seemingly just by looking at them. She is also relatively unremarkable to other people, considering that her own classmate for two years didn't remember who she is.

Plot overview

She gets assaulted by several guys in an alley, who escape when a blonde boy arrives and seemingly saves her. Unbeknownst to him and thanks to her supernatural skill, she reads his mind and learned this way that this whole thing was a ruse by the boy who is just out for her body, so she ditches him. The next morning, her two friends don't understand how she could send him away, but she can't tell them the reason because she wants to keep her gift a secret.

Her train of thought is interrupted when a commotion ensues because a classmate of her is moving away, acting like he hates the school and the people he's been with for the last two years. The latter are disgusted by his behavior, but thanks to her skill, she knows the truth. Deep inside, her love interest will never forget anything about this and is already missing his fellow students and the good time he had, acting like this so that they don't miss him and hence have to feel the same pain as him.

But she also heard something else in his mind: that he has no clue who she is supposed to be.

Name origin

Her name is a pun: in western name order, "Terumi Arai" (輝海 新井 Terumi Arai?) sounds phonetically similar to the phrase "Tell me a lie" ("テル・ミ・ア・ライ" Teru mi a rai?), which not only is the title of her story, but is a hint to her supernatural gift.


  1. ^ She attends the second year, class 2-A, of what is seemingly a regular high school, which would make her 16 or 17.