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This character doesn't strike me as particularly deserving of his own page. Who is he and why is he important? In the case he is not notable enough to have his own page, should we start a single page for all the random police officers who appear once of twice in the manga and anime? Chekhov MacGuffin talk 02:54, 11 April 2011 (UTC)

As a rule of thumb, if they appear at least twice, they are notable enough (they become semi-recurring characters). If they appear only once, it would depend on many things I'd say. For example, if it's someone from the Police, that would give him more weight (being someone of authority and susceptible to reappear later on). As for other random police officers, they are usually not named and not given any "role" beside a "behind-the-scene" one during an investigation and are thus "not important". But if he was named and had a role in the episode/manga, I'd say he can have his own page in that case. It would be nice to come up with a MoS guide about who to include or not.. --Maurice 03:38, 11 April 2011 (UTC)

Should Be Moved to Own Page?[edit]

I have made an edit to one of the currently listed "minor" law enforcement characters (Detective Tomokawa) to reflect the significance of her contribution in a particular anime case episode pair The Truth Behind the Car Explosion Case. To be clear, and without going into spoilers, this character was on screen for probably less than 10s of airtime during part 1 of the case and none of part 2. However, her work as a sketch artist was vital in identifying a suspect in the case for part one, and was the only proof at all to confirm intent in part two. Not to spoil the episode I will refrain from mentioning why or what, but her sketch included some details that caught someone up in a lie. Without those details shown eerily lifelike in her sketch the person accused by Kogoro and Conan would have almost certainly gotten away with murder. This character also appears or is mentioned in at least two other story cases of the anime. Her lack of total screen time does indeed suggest a minor character, and yet outside of major and supporting characters I can think of no other minor character that had such a vital role in solving cases. In fact, her role in that one particular case was so vital that she did far more than almost any of the other characters currently given their own page. So in terms of screen time she is a minor character who appears in at least 4 total episodes. In terms of significance for a particular case file the only ones who were more significant was Conan himself, and this is even though it was one of a few cases that Kogoro was able to solve without Conan needing to dart him. So... does she deserve her own page - which will include having to make changes to multiple other pages regarding links? If not then should she at least be moved to the top of the minor law enforcement page as a character of importance? --Haunt 23:27, 12 March 2018 (UTC)