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Takeo Ohno

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: June 24, 1944
Place of birth: Tokyo Metropolis, Japan[1]
Position: Screenplay
Years active: 1968-present

Takeo Ohno (大野 武雄 Ōno Takeo?), born June 24, 1944[1], is a Japanese screenplay writer from Tokyo, Japan. He is best known for his contributions to many 1970s and 1980s police dramas.


Takeo Ohno studied under the renowned screenwriter Yoshio Shirasaka (白坂 依志夫) in his early life. Even when he was still attending university, he had already debuted as a screenwriter in the TV drama Princess Comet (コメットさん)[1]. After graduating from university, he had worked as a bank employee and had worked at a performing arts company for a short stint of time.

Ohno only became a screenwriter again after he discovered a criminal drama from the Kansai region, which was named Bucho Keiji (部長刑事), thus resumed to work as a screenwriter[1][2]. Apart from the Detective Conan anime, his other scenario works entailed Seibu Keisatsu (西部警察), Wounded Angel (傷だらけの天使), and Tokusō Saizensen (特捜最前線) etc.[1]

Style analysis

Takeo Ohno is one of those veteran screenwriters who has written many screenplays for over ten years. In terms of his contribution to the Detective Conan anime, writing one-part cases with intense and tight plots is his major forte. Not only do his scripts possess an intricate type of story style, but they also contain a great number of legend stories (snow woman), traditional culture (rakugo), animals, and plants (sunflower) mingled among the cases. Which can be classified as Everyday Mystery (日常の謎) genre from the perspective of detective schools.

Most of his compositions do not follow the usual plot routine of those generic Detective Conan anime original episodes but rather are more splendid in terms of innovative story setting and character enrichment. As such, many tricks and mysteries found in his works are mostly superficial and more tended towards the orthodox mystery compositional technique. For example, The Shaking Restaurant is comprised of the conceivement of a murderer and tricks, containing some Honkaku detective mystery (本格推理) elements. Notably, in Riddle Granny Disappearance Case, Ohno devised a fairly intriguing cypher utilising kanji, sharing analogous logic with the short story written by Yugo Aosaki (青崎 有吾), called There Are Too Few Ten Yen Coins (十円玉が少なすぎる).

Conan taking care of the 2-year-old "Santa-san".

Despite most of his screenplays being single episodes, he still wrote his only double-lengthed one: The Kidnapper's Disappearing Getaway Car, where Conan happened to be kidnapped. After that, Ohno's refreshing ideas began to sprout further; in Conan: A Strange Child, Ohno introduced Japanese palindrome to the case; even the title of the episode manifested this phenomenon: it could be read both orientations "こなんへんなこ". Furthermore, in The Partner is Santa-san, Ohno made his attempt at writing a light comedy plot laced with chilled deduction, which Conan was frustrated with while taking care of a kid. This episode also contained many daily plots.

It is also worth remarking that, in reality, Ohno is a lone storyteller (落語家), and has the title of "松風亭鈍八", in addition to The Meguro Sanma Case written by him also has the element of traditional Rakugo (落語).

Scenarios written

Number of case scenarios written: 19 (20 episodes)

Other notable works


  • Cat's Eye: Screenplay


  • Ashita no Keiji: Screenplay
  • Seibu Keisatsu: Screenplay
  • Seibu Keisatsu PART-II: Screenplay
  • Seibu Keisatsu PART-III: Screenplay
  • Shin Yoake no Keiji: Screenplay
  • Tadaima Zekkōchō!: Screenplay


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