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Studio Leo (スタジオ レオ Sutajio Reo?) is a Japanese animation studio used for outsourcing. This studio was involved in the production of some of the Detective Conan anime episodes.

The studio first participated in episode 1034 and their art was reasonable, since they had Kenichi Otomo as animation director and Keiko Sasaki as assistant animation director. The artstyle started looking uneven in episode 1044, despite having Marie Nagano as animation director. The quality then got to its worst in episode 1049, where there were different drawing styles that were sometimes based on old character design, and the animation supervisor Seiji Muta did not correct the inconsistency as much.

Sumito Sasaki, president of Studio Leo, claimed in the interview that their participation in Detective Conan anime was not for the quality in the first place. It was actually demanded by TMS Entertainment to fill the staff vancancy, as most of the staffs were allocated to the production of movies and spin-off (Wild Police Story, Zero's Tea Time, and The Culprit Hanzawa). He also disclosed that when the anime production team approached him for the job offer, there were only four weeks before the episode was aired. In addition, the anime production team even wanted to diminish the production cost per key frame even further, to 4000 yen. Nevertheless it was comprimised afterwards to 5000 yen.

Currently, Studio Leo is not responsible for any Detective Conan anime production.

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Number of episodes outsourced: 4 (4 episodes)

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