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Studio Guts (スタジオガッツ Sutajiogattsu?) is a Japanese animation studio used for outsourcing. This studio is involved in the production of some of the Detective Conan anime episodes.


It was founded by Tetsuya Arao (荒尾 哲也), a former producer at Ashi Productions (葦プロダクション); although he was the main contractor for Shinseikiden Mars (神世紀伝マーズ), he is mainly active in gross contract production. Moreover, the only staff affiliated with the studio is the founder/CEO himself, Arao, and all of the rest (including production and animation staffs) are freelance - this employment structure also applies to Sunrise, Gainax...

Their main business is planning and producing animation works. In which, they claim that they carry out training for animators using a unique method that is different from other companies.

In Detective Conan, the studio as a whole only worked on one episode from the anime, under the credit of "Production Cooperation". Nonetheless, some animators who work at this studio also occasionally returns to the Detective Conan anime production team and contribute to some storyboard works under the name of freelance animator.

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Participation in Detective Conan

Number of episodes outsourced: 1 (1 episode)

Note: this studio was also involved in some Detective Conan movies, working as 2nd key animation

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