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Shiori Takei

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Japanese name: 竹井詩織里
Gender: Female
Date of birth: February 6, 1985
Place of birth: Osaka, Japan
Genres: J-pop
Years active: 2004-2008
Labels: GIZA Studio

Shiori Takei (竹井詩織里 Takei Shiori?) was a Japanese pop singer under the GIZA Studio label. Although relatively unknown in the Japanese music industry, she's unique for her soothing and relaxing voice on her jazz-influenced songs. Before her major debut, she had released an indie album, "The note of my eighteen years" and released 2 more within her career.

While attending high school, Shiori Takei took part in GIZA Studio's "SUPER STARLIGHT CONTEST" and won the second place (winner was Yumi Shizukusa). She made her debut in February 2004 with the single "Shizukanaru Melody".

After releasing three more singles and one album, Takei had a smash hit. Her fifth single, Sekai Tomete, was used as an ending theme for the anime Detective Conan. It became her best selling and best ranked single, charting at #27 on the Oricon. A month later, her second album was released, titled "Second Tune ~Sekai Tomete~" and ranking at #49.

Takei's next single also had a tie-up with anime, with "Sakurairo" being used as an ending theme for MÄR HEAVEN. However, the single wasn't as successful as the previous one, charting at #56.

She continued releasing, although none was able to reflect or surpass the success of Sekai Tomete. Takei also worked in the chorus in ZARD's album "Kimi to no Distance"; B'z' MONSTER and Hayakawa Emi's "You and Me and Jazz".

Shortly after the release of her best album, "Takei Shiori Best", in February 2008, her contract came to an end. There haven't been any news from Takei since then.

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